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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Review PC GAMER

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Review PC GAMER

Genre: RTS;
Number of Players: 1
The presence of a network game: there is / 8
Web site: open
Release Dates
Russia: 05/11/2008
Europe: 31/10/2008
USA: 10/28/2008
EA Los Angeles
Russia: Electronic Arts
Europe: Electronic Arts
USA: Electronic Arts

Magazine review «PC GAMES» 8.0
brief story Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Review PC GAMER

On the rocky coast rolls gray waves. Far away on the horizon, beginning to exude some point. They are gradually increased, until it finally becomes clear: it ships. And airplanes. And helicopters. If shorter, it's Japanese.

No, wait ... actually, it all begins is not so. Even before the Japanese, to nanosamuraev with lightsabers, to appear due to the huge roof of the head of the Holy Sword was something else. It determines how the Red Alert 3 game.

For example, Tim Curry as the Soviet premier Cherdenko (though he did not like Constantine Ustinovich feeble, but a cross between Stalin and Brezhnev). Still a good head of hair streaked with gray, courageously pressed lips. And out of the make-up no-no yes wink clown Pennivayz. In the improvised, he has a go, no more nor less than the genie out of "Wishmaster" and God-fearing mafioso John Abruzzi from "Escape". The latter plays a brilliant scientist, and therefore appears in the frame only in huge sunglasses and a white coat. His face was always written somewhere between "Who's there?" And "Do not hit, Uncle." And he invented a time machine, with which Einstein was killed.

Giant steps - steps. Tanks - shoot. War - continues ...
Once at the Eiffel Tower, the Japanese robot got the camera and began photographing
That's right, Red Alert 3 - it's the same clown, an acute form of madness, from which, apparently, not cure, because over the years, it only gets harder. Solo, as it always is in Red Alert , Russian. At the heart of every Soviet base is the assembly shop, topped with golden onion dome. In mezhmissionnyh rollers on each of the free surface always shows a profile of Lenin, a farming equipment to clear the blood-red circle.
Tips crush enemy armored units, like a steam roller. Panzer Group from a pair of sullen "Molotov" and a handful of jumpy, like fleas, "Hammer" is able to make any opponent is that he, if left alive, will not forget until his death. Many Soviet machine - amphibians. For example, the armed boat elektropushkoy "Scat", coming to shore, released from the bottom of the spider's legs and continues to move ridiculous mincing step.

The Japanese, in turn, attracted to nanotechnology and transform everything in the world in everything else. They are masters of ambush and surprises. Their special anti-samurai buried in the ground (on the surface are only baggy cap like a mushroom grew up) and pop up just when the opponent least expects it. A tiny aircraft on behalf of the Mecha Tengu, being attacked by helicopters, shoots up, and a spectacular somersault krutanuv ago, suddenly becomes a fighter. And, of course, the Japanese have a huge two-legged robots. In this case, it should be noted, His Imperial Majesty is for the kimono, in cutscenes always drinking tea, pursing her lips primly, and teaches the technique is too fascinated by the Crown Prince: "Do not nanotechnology win for us this war. And our courage, honor and sacrifice. "

Interestingly, in practically no civil RA3
At UNESCO, this would not have approved!
Against this background, the Allies do not look very expressive - just because they are the most common. However, they too have a star - a fanatical president-McCarthyites, which is a muscle on the face without flinching, the game delivers a small but very brilliant speech about the struggle against "godless commies".
Not really even understand why the game here. Kitsch - Soviet, Asian, American - like gas fills the entire space of Red Alert 3 . A colleague looked at "red alert", said: "Who cares, it is interesting to play or not? Just look what they're doing! "

A Red Alert 3 , incidentally, is very good. The main thing - to catch the feedback. Practice shows that the game can not feel the first attempt. Symptoms: fatigue, attention deficit disorder, lack of appetite and interest in what is happening on screen. It is ridiculous to say - I myself went through it. At the same time in front of me was a living proof that some people RA3 acts the opposite way, so that they forget about everything.

Exactly how the game "picks" the players, the science is still unknown. Just keep in mind: if at first you do not like, take a break, sleep, take a shower. And try one more time. Perhaps clicks. As I have.

First of all, Red Alert 3 - a quick game. But of this you probably know, because dynamics - a generic feature of the entire line of C & C. The victory is won here quickly and just as quickly goes out of hand, preferring the more successful you are and persistent challenger. About half the missions you are already confident in the fact that the enemy is defeated, suddenly hear a fateful «Battlefield expanded» and understand that God forbid, come down to the middle. And well, if at this point in the bare flank vopetsya not sharp fangs enemy. But the buildings are built quickly, the units - even faster: you just unpacked the assembly shop, and nearby there had already gathered a solid army, and only awaiting orders "to attack."

In the sea are turned even more bloody bits than the sachets. Flashing electric discharges, exploding torpedoes. But airships and tightened ...
However, on the ground did not calm. Partly - due to the fact that many Soviet units alike feel comfortable on both land and water.
Red Alert 3 - in any case not a difficult game. But she knows how to get to think and calculate their actions. Because of the relatively small stock of "health" of the troops, the classic "rashi" here are worse than in any Tiberium Wars . Therefore it is necessary to build a chain of support. Helicopters utyuzhat conventional infantry and turrets. At this time the tanks were shooting air defense systems and anti-aircraft units. But the infantry at this time ensures that the machines are not braced some particularly crafty thrower. Arrayed circuits are simple, no doubt, but still nice, especially since each victory in Red Alert 3 is decorated with illuminations from burning skeletons of enemy vehicles.
Co-op mode, which boasts a long time the players actually realized. The question of balance - how to adjust the action, depending on how many people participated in the party - a decision very easy. No way! If you decide to play with a friend, fine. So be it. Here you have two starting set of units, that's common goals and - most importantly - the treasury. All that is collected by harvesters, are delivered in a kind of general store, where you scoop and resources to speed.

If at the beginning of the mission you instead of Co-op option chosen Solo ... Here you have all the same set of two starting units. Only controls one of them is a real person, and a virtual general (or even come across the general's ... nice.) Other conditions remain the same - even collectivized resources in the same way, the truth is now a partner, do not agree on environmental management.

Control the actions of allied units can not directly, but, as noted by one of the heroes of the game, no one forbids you to command their commander. AI partner responds to a few simple commands, like "Keep this area" or "attack this target."

Computer-generals are surprisingly independent and aggressive. It is necessary to entrust them with their own base, as in five minutes at the other end sound card cries for help. This is your ally scored soldiers, set up equipment and charged.
liji reviews, proud to be a member of Total Review Center since Sep 2011.
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