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GSM Philips Azalis

Review GSM Philips Azalis

As you know, Philips is likely to halt production of mobile phones, to model Azalis 288 - one of the last produced by this brand. This machine has been recorded in many advanced development of society, but things first. First, large enough (130h40h26 mm), the phone is easy, just 100 grams, maybe this is why sounds empty - very nice impression. Azalis 288 Available in three colors: blue, brown and gray. And these colors when painting the exterior of the phone, or rather the keyboard and bokovinki, all other surfaces of silver. Back of the phone entirely in black plastic. The same material consists of a telephone keypad, the key to everything seemed perfect for me personally.

Opening the back door, behind which hides the battery compartment, we find that the battery is connected to the phone via a special connector. This design is quite rare, but very reliable, since the reaction of the battery does not affect the quality of contact. The battery itself is guaranteed by several holders of the slot. Under that is the SIM card, made the same way as any other phone company. Your device does not require frequent changes of SIM card (it's painfully difficult!) On the other hand, you set the card in the same position.

Back to the battery. The set comes standard thin lithium-ion 550 mAh. The manufacturer claims it can operate up to 6 hours talk time and 300 hours standby. Before taking your phone to test, I thought these figures were greatly exaggerated, but to my surprise, they were closer to the truth. With 15-20 minutes of calls a day on the phone worked about 4 days, and I enjoyed most of its functions. Such a result can not boast of many models, even in business class. Full charge time is a little over an hour.

Graphic display allows up to 288 Azalis 5 lines of text and a light orange background, like a key. Full sun, they differ significantly with the exception of the navigation keys, painted silver - merge icons.

Therefore, in standby mode, the screen displays the name of mobile operator, time (analog or digital clock), date, signal level, battery, buzzer, etc. The screen supports two font sizes set by the menu (zoom function is called). You can adjust the display contrast.

To access the menu, press the navigation key down to where it was written on OK. Press and hold the same button activates the voice dialing or voice commands, is correlated with the menu. I will say at once that an additional 10 voice commands for the phone, the same label is set to get a menu, or their application, especially in silent mode. The set of labels is very simple - just to be told twice. Recognized as a perfect voice, even in noisy environments, is an interesting feature that allows you to insert an entry for a particular label. Unfortunately, with the teaching of Russian language was conducted very badly: not only gives us a depressing, but also a description of most features. If this is the first mobile phone with Philips, a lot of places to break your head. Too bad, because the phone is quite good.

The menu is organized according to the carousel, ie the arrow "left" and "right" moves in a circle. To select an item, simply click the OK button, the move to the next level, press S. navigate the menu, but there are eight possible to assign keyboard shortcuts, the various functions and menu options. It is with this list of associated voice tags. I would add that the menu is well structured, hard to get used to, but then it seems very practical. Special mention of the menu icons, is done with humor and simply beautiful.

Turning to the point. The phone displays the last 10 missed numbers 10 and 10 received calls with date and time. When you press the call button does not show the whole list, but only the last number called, to see the whole list, you can press the arrow "left".

Contacts fairly traditional, known as the right arrow. When you press the letter a list of moves name starts with that letter. Each of the numbers observed, you can set the type, and then list the name appears next to the phone, fax, or icon, which symbolizes the transfer of data. However, a name can be assigned a single number. All phone numbers are stored in the SIM card.

Messages menu allows you to read and send SMS, support for the Cyrillic alphabet, of course not. There are 10 models of SMS in English and about 50 icons that can be sent to another phone Philips support this feature. In the form of short messages can also send a melody.

The organizer is very easy to Azalis 288 configured in almost all cases in which a warning can be set so that it was some anticipation. This event can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. As an organizer of a full-phones can not be considered, however, a reminder, you can use at the same time, in this case. And 'can display the list of events, or a different day from the calendar. I do not have a very different configuration that leads to the duplication events, ie, for each day the list is the same event with the same name but different days - to navigate in this whirlwind of events difficult.

The phone has a calculator and currency converter. Alarm Clock is quite common, can be configured as a single operation, as well as a weekly treatment, with or without output.

Arkanoid could be interesting, but it is too small, it becomes difficult to play after 5 minutes, that's all spread out before her eyes.

The last thing to consider - the presence of the recorder that can record a message of 20 seconds (but not during a call). WAP Browser version 1.1 is up and running without any problems.


Sensitivity 288 Azalis slightly above average in urban areas is more than enough. In some parts of the phone can provide opportunities for more advanced and expensive models. Speaker volume is sufficient in a quiet room and a noisy street. Vibration feel good pocket of his jacket, but without clothes.

Unfortunately, pick up the bag if this model is difficult due to a thickening at the top of the phone. You can search cases where the universal machine is very good.

Your phone stores the 19 melodies and ring tones can also record your own ringtones 3.

When the price of 130-150 dollars, this phone is a good buy young. Asset Management Azalis 288 can be stored for a long time on a battery condition sensitivity. Weaknesses of the device is not just small things that do not spoil the overall impression of the phone. And if you want to design the Azalis Philips, you can safely buy this model, it did not disappoint.

We thank the company "Zoom" for a test phone.
liji reviews, proud to be a member of Total Review Center since Sep 2011.
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