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GSM-phone Samsung GT-E2222 (Ch @ t 222)

Review of GSM-phone Samsung GT-E2222 (Ch @ t 222)

Photos of the Samsung Ch @ t 222 inland

The delivery includes:

Samsung E2222

Wired stereo-

AC adapter and USB cable

User Guide

Warranty Card

South Korean company Samsung, this introduced a new model of family duos - GT-E2222. This is a simple "klaviaturnik", equipped with two slots for simkarty, but unfortunately, a radio module. The presence of social services positions and Ch @ t 222, a phone for active communication, as its name suggests. Unlike its predecessor (Ch @ t 335), the GT-E2222 has a screen size, a lower resolution, and no Wi-Fi. It is interesting that last year's model with the best performance is only 300 to 500 rubles. A little later, is expected to Ch @ t 527, and probably the price will be higher Ch @ t 335. So, Samsung covers the entire QWERTY phone category and 5 000-6 000.


The appearance of the device causes no particular emotion: a piece typical Samsung glossy black plastic case with grooved back. The quality of manufacture has no complaints: tight lid - do not play and do squeak, and when pressed - no cracks. In his hand is good, thanks to the thin, lightweight (90 grams) and dimensions (mm 109.5x61.3x11.85). It is convenient to carry in a shirt pocket and pants.

The front panel has a speaker, display, and below it - six mechanical buttons ("Welcome", "retirement", "Change SIM", "no", the "functions", "message") and the joystick Five-way "OK" in the center. The keys are comfortable and have an average speed and a slight click. Backlight is soft and white. Even less - a full-size QWERTY keyboard.

On the right side - microUSB socket in a plastic cover on the left - bow strap. The standard 3.5 mm headphones or a headset on the top and bottom - a microphone and a small cut in poddevat coverage. Just below is a slot for microSD memory cards. In the back - the eye of the camera and speaker.

Appearance of the Samsung GT-E2222 and Samsung Star II (right):

The emergence of GT-E2222 Samsung and HTC Mozart (right):

The emergence of Samsung GT-E2222 and Samsung i9000 (right):

Total Buttons 37th They are made of shiny plastic with a slightly rounded edges. The surface is flat. Their progress is minimal, and pushing hard. The distance between the keys of about one millimeter. Letters (Cyrillic and Latin) are drawn in white paint translucent, functional - orange. The lighting is not very bright, but uniform, and no night blinding.

The buttons "W / N", "X / Z", "L / B", "M / S" require double-clicks, for example, write "E", you must click on the button twice. Long periods of storage space is also silent, "Alt" - to lock the screen, briefly press the "Sym" to change the language, the '"Alt" + "Sym" is a panel of additional signs.

In general, the keyboard is comfortable, but is designed for people with delicate fingers and good eyesight, such as letters and numbers are quite small.

Screen Size 2.2 "(physical size 44h35 mm), resolution of 220x176 pixels, running on technology TFT-LCD pixelation is visible to the naked eye View angles are very small: When tilted to the left and you and I -.. completely reversed colors right - lightens the color reproduction is poor, I must admit that the screen is very small budget ...

Backlight (five steps) is set manually in and out of the setting: 10 seconds, 30, 1 minute, 3 and 10.

The display adjusts seven lines, two with special information and 5 - menu. To enter the given text to 4 lines.

Samsung GT-E2222 View from different angles:

Insert the lithium-ion battery 1000 mAh. Type - AB463651BU. The manufacturer claims that the phone is in standby mode should work up to 550 hours and talk time - up to 12 hours. However, if you exercise - 15-20 minutes a day for about two hours of music - the battery is discharged by the end of the second day. Frankly, the maximum energy efficiency.

Connect the battery is charged per hour, USB - for two people.

The phone only works on 2G networks (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900). GPRS multi-slot class 10. Voice or data using version 2.1 with A2DP Bluetooth стереопрофилем. PC synchronization with USB 2.0.

Total internal memory of 50 MB, about 43 MB free. There is a slot for microSD memory cards, the maximum volume - up to 8 GB.

To work with files and the phone would be a file manager. Its features include:

The expedition




The elimination of multiple files


Create folders

Viewing file properties

The Samsung Ch @ t 222 is set at 0.3 megapixel matrix. The maximum size of the photo - 640x480, Video - 176x144 pixels at 15 frames per second. Talk about the quality not the camera here rather as an "unpleasant."

"OK" button is responsible for activating the shutter. "Up" and "down" - digital zoom, the "right" and "left" - the exhibition.

Camera settings:

Mode (photo or video)

Shooting mode (single shot, continuous, collage, image)

Resolution (640x480, 320x240)

White Balance (Auto, Daylight, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Cloudy)

Metering (matrix, center weighted, spot)

Camera settings:

Recording mode (normal, MMS)

Resolution (176x144, 160x120, 128x96)

Other parameters:



The display

By default, the memory

Keyboard Shortcuts


Stand-alone application "Gallery" No, but the photos are available in the "File Manager". The options:

Send (by mail, email, Bluetooth)

Set as (desktop wallpaper, fotoopredelitel)



Change (effects, Auto Levels, brightness, rotate, etc.)

From the photo files, you can get EXIF ​​information:

Characteristics of the video:

Format: MP4

Video: MPEG-4, 60 kbit / s

Resolution: 176 x 144, 15 f / s

Audio: AMR, 12 kbit / s

Channels: 1 channel, 8 kHz

Images of the sample:

Example video (MP4, 180 KB, 20 seconds)>>>

Ch @ t phone runs on a proprietary operating system. The shell resembles Bada OS. The screen displays the network lights, battery, clock. Right - the "contacts" on the left - the "menu". The office has four modes: an "extended", "clock" 1, 2 and 3 in the "extended" appears on the screen can be adjusted "panel options" (15 labels), below - contacts most frequently used (18). They can quickly call or send a message.

In the second mode, in places different times: left, right or center. There are three themes (blue, orange and brown), two sources (Global cooky and Choco), wallpapers and a couple of the effects of open / close the menu ("slide" and "curtains").

The menu is represented by 12 grid of 4x3 icons on each screen (by default there are two). Navigation is done using the joystick. Labels can not move. Interestingly, if you quit and re-enter - the cursor will be in one place.

Samsung GT-E2222 is equipped with two pairs of simkarty, even if only one of the radios. This means that the standby mode, and 'The Sims' work at the same time, but when you talk to the other is available. Change the SIM card by pressing a button mechanic. In this case, change the current profile, the theme and interface communications (calls, messages, Internet), "got away" of the relevant simkarty.

The contact list provided with the name, number and location (SIM1 and SIM2 on). There are two tabs: the group (family, friends, school, etc) and bookmarks.

When you create a new contact, select where to store a number: phone memory for SIM1 or SIM2. Total number of stores up to 1000 for each recorded information:


Last name






When the "Journal" kept rooms, "all", "no", "left", "incoming", "Sent", "Inbox". When one of them on the screen displays the following information: number, date, time and cost (if any). The option to "log":


Send a message

Remove a couple of


Copy the screen set

Add to blacklist


Log Manager (Call time and cost, message counter)

The characters you type numbers are large, fits up to 10 digits for each of the three lines.

When an input or output avatar appear, the name and number caller. If necessary, you can activate the speakerphone.

In this section, we present: the creation of a text message, the creation of an incoming e-mail, sent, outbox, drafts, "my files", voicemail, broadcast messages, and spam settings.


General Settings



Push the message

Communication networks


SOS messages

Memory Status

The phone is available for the storage cells 300 SMS, MMS and 46 MB of e-mail.

When you write a message on the screen shows the number of remaining characters of the name or surname, language configuration, "options", "send" and "rear".

Add symbols

Add the media (take a picture, go to "my files")

Add text (contacts, calendar, tasks, notes)

Copy or Cut

Add topic

Defined elements (files, contacts, calendar)

The input parameters (turn T9 input language in capital letters)

Hide the toolbar

Save As (drafts, or "my files")

In the "General Settings" SMS provides a "snooze" (every 2 minutes, 5 or 10) when a message was inadvertently omitted. SMS Reading police increased by 200%. To do this, go to "Options", select "Zoom".

Samsung GT-E2222 supports Java MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 (Connected Limited Device Configuration) - a standard Java ME configuration for network-connected devices with limited computing power. By default, the following applications:

Calendar. Displays month, week or day. The parameters are: meetings, birthdays, events. For each accessible entrance themes start and end times, the signal, repeat, position and description. As part of the melody are exposed to events.

ActiveSync. Enter the server URL, email, username, password, domain.

Alarm clock. Fill data response time, alarm name, repetition, melody and tone.

Facebook. This is a Java client-Soc. a network

Twitter. Soc is a Java client. network.

Of the community. Mobile versions of networks of "social VKontakte," "MySpace" "Facebook", the mobile versions of web hosting photo files - "Flickr" and "Photobucket".

Notes. You can create up to 100 entries. If necessary - to send to the printer via Bluetooth.

An hour. § includes a world clock, timer and stopwatch

IM. Gtalk Messenger, Facebook, Yahoo and Windows Live.

BT-IM. Chat organized by the "blue tooth".

The problem. You must enter a subject, start date, end date, priority, and a description of the signal. Everything is available up to 100 entries

Expenditure accounts.





In addition:

The stretch. The program will help you warm up with simple gymnastics

Palringo. Multiprotocol instant messaging client to send text messages and multimedia messages (recorded audio and pictures)

Diamond Twister. Play

Crazy Penguin Catapult. Play

Brick Breaker Revolution. Game

Access NetFront is installed 4.1. You will see the navigation bar, zoom, bookmarks, history. On the Settings tab, the home page, see the profile of Internet. Due to the fact that the diagonal and the screen resolution is too small, use the browser completely uncomfortable, except perhaps in extreme cases, go to the mobile version of site.

The music player

Every time I scan the memory for composition. You can order all the songs, albums, artists and genres. When the game screen shows one of three views: the first - to cover the entire screen, the second - the coverage has been reduced, and full-screen graphic equalizer, and the third - the equalizer only. You can change the tune - left or right, the volume - up or down.

Setting the sound effects: Bass Boost, definition of music, concert hall, a series of pop, rock, jazz and so on. So that the presence of surround sound, "5.1-channel surround sound."

The headphone volume is high. Frequency response seemed to me a few "full" in the region 50-100 Hz and 16,000 to 20,000 Hz However, medium and low frequency (30-50 Hz), showed his best side. All in all, the music of the highest quality.

The speaker volume is above average, in the street heard the call well. Vibration is average in power.

FM Radio

At the top of the screen, a digital scale. Joystick left or right - go to preset stations, either up or down - volume control. If desired, the radio can be recorded.

Radio sensitivity is very high, above the average volume, the quality is quite good, especially dominated by mediums.

The call quality is not satisfactory. Vibrate powerful, can be felt even in the pocket of a winter jacket.

Overall impression - positive and the ergonomic design and a keyboard and a hands-free voice quality and music player. So if you are willing to endure the lack of 3G, Wi-Fi and a small screen, the Samsung GT-E2222 - a nice QWERTY phone in its price category.
liji reviews, proud to be a member of Total Review Center since Sep 2011.
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May I know what did you mean "The buttons "W / N", "X / Z", "L / B", "M / S" require double-clicks, for example, write "E", you must click on the button twice."? Example if I press W once what will it comes out? Or I need to press twice on the W button to give me a 'W'?
SIR I FORGOT MY PHONE LOCK PASSWORD WHICH IT HAS BEEN GIVEN FOR THE MOBILE Samsung E2222 [email protected] DUOS PHONE .please tell mr what can i do.
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GSM-phone Samsung GT-E2222 Ch @ t 222 there is a unique features and get a broad vision so we will determine all perfect views as well as best demands.
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sir i forget his phone password what i do?
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(30-12-2011, 02:23 PM)Guest Wrote: SIR I FORGOT MY PHONE LOCK PASSWORD WHICH IT HAS BEEN GIVEN FOR THE MOBILE Samsung E2222 [email protected] DUOS PHONE .please tell mr what can i do.
(30-12-2011, 02:23 PM)Guest Wrote: SIR I FORGOT MY PHONE LOCK PASSWORD WHICH IT HAS BEEN GIVEN FOR THE MOBILE Samsung E2222 [email protected] DUOS PHONE .please tell me what can i do.
sir, I forgot my phone lock password which it has been given for the mobile samsung gt e2222 duos phone. Please tell me what can i do?

(30-03-2013, 01:15 PM)Guest Wrote:
(30-12-2011, 02:23 PM)Guest Wrote: SIR I FORGOT MY PHONE LOCK PASSWORD WHICH IT HAS BEEN GIVEN FOR THE MOBILE Samsung E2222 [email protected] DUOS PHONE .please tell mr what can i do.

(30-03-2013, 01:28 PM)Guest Wrote: sir, I forgot my phone lock password which it has been given for the mobile samsung gt e2222 duos phone. Please tell me what can i do?

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