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Land Rover Range Rover Sport:: Off-road

Land Rover Range Rover Sport:: Off-road

A model
Sporty appearance of the car is characterized not only reduced the height of the roof. The geometry of the C-pillars and the possibility of lowering air suspension, for stability at high speeds, and do with it. Charm, as a rule, give details, imperceptible at first glance. These include dual exhaust pipes, spectacular side air intakes, proprietary brakes Brembo (for version Supercharged), different colors, and other nice stuff. By the pleasant features of Range Rover Sport can be attributed, and a variety of supporting electronic systems. In particular, Terrain Response, which adjusts the suspension for driving on certain types of pavement. The driver need only move the switch to the appropriate position. Outstanding body with welded reinforced frame provide excellent torsional rigidity. This allows even posted the wheels to freely open any of the doors and leave the car, or vice versa to return to his posh salon. The improved engines from Jaguar cars first appeared on the Land Rover. Modification of the HSE is equipped with 300-horsepower 4.4-liter atmospheric engine, a version Supercharged - 4,2-liter 390-horsepower supercharged V8. Both engines are well protected from dust, dirt, water and other delights of off-road. It is not surprising, because the car is capable of not only the sodden clay kneading, and water obstacles.

Rating: 4.82 out of 5
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It has been over 6 months since my last review (02/06/11), during which time I drove about 25 thousand kilometers away, and not on flat roads of the Yaroslavl region, so I want to share their experience in operating the vehicle during this time, which can then be to someone helpful. I can say at once that machine today I am absolutely satisfied. It happened because I finally found the guys who finally repaired my whole suspension. I really believe that they did everything right, correctly and accurately. The car was completely transformed. Prior to this, over 15 000 kilometers, always something to beat. Terribly annoying and frustrating. But even without knocking (as on the guarantee of active switched hub stub), the suspension does not suit me. In addition to all exchanged gum stabilizers and ball joints were changed all four shocks and two pnevmoballona. All spare parts cost 63 rubles. The work itself is 3-4 times cheaper than an authorized dealer. It turned out that the rack assembly (damper + pnevmoballon) are on the RRS of 15,000 rubles (rear). They speak the Merc, BMW and even the Touareg are more expensive. Now, nothing squeaks or knocks. The car became soft and elastic at the same time. Do not knock the system and an active rear wing. And here is the first piece of advice. Next, an active stabilizer, rear wing, should be put silent blocks (plugs) from the rear of the stabilizer. Masters have promised that they leave thousands of 40. First, change the warranty, after knocking 5000 kilometers. As it turned out, I bought a car from an authorized dealer (Peter) with a broken suspension. Here are bastards. Assured that the car is in very good condition. Now, having acquired experience ordeal with an authorized dealer and finally repaired the car, I can give this advice: Second. Necessarily at the end of the warranty period (eg six months), even if you feel that you have dampers in good order, go to the dealer and say that you are knocking, the car sways in general, think of reasons why you should test them. They have a special stand, MAHA, if I mistake not, however, it does not matter on which they will test the shock absorbers. Of course they themselves are such a procedure can hardly be offered. They have, as you know, everything is always in order and did not knock. So, the stand will give a printout, and if there will be residual life of less than 10%, from the words of the manager, in this case, the shock absorbers to be changed for free. Together with pnevmoballonami! If I knew it, then believe me, at the end of the warranty period, I just would have been less than 10%, considering that 3 months after the warranty, residual life, I had the same shock absorber 1%, other 5% percent , well, like the others do the same. What else. When I tested the suspension from an authorized dealer, after the warranty period, the difference in spare parts that need to change them and the guys who I repaired, strongly differed. Firstly, from an authorized dealer of some parts were not, others were redundant. Inclined to believe those who have finally fixed the car. Because nothing beats now and does not creak. What else. I bought a new rubber, is positioned as a continental summer, although the sidewall is m + S. That's good. So until the late autumn and even in light snow ride is quite possible. Tires Continental ContiCrossContact UHP (255-50 R19). Best in test tires for high-speed off-road vehicles. And among such high-speed mud tires also the best. So her and wanted to buy. Long sought and accidentally found a site that is owned by German corporations (even!) Trade tires. They have a Russian site. Delivered to the railway station almost any city for free. The site can keep track of where the rubber is .. 4 tires cost about 42,000 rubles. With delivery. 10-20 thousand saved. By the way, pay attention to the load index. Diesel RRS (8-cylinder engine) load index 107 (not 103, it is small). And the rubber with extra sidewall protection. I do not know whether it is in all sizes, but the tires on the merchant site, this option additionally advertised. Rubber like. Do not forget to break in about 500 miles, and all can fly. Soft, no noise, no roll. So enjoy. Since everyone is always interesting, but how much the car is spending fuels, write that the computer shows 11.4 liters. Track-city 50 to 50. True podviraet Comp. In reality, 10 percent more. Timed. And so it feels. If something else would be useful, write it. Bye. Good luck.
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