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Philips 298

Review GSM phone Philips 298

Philips 298 photos of the interior


What is the model Philips 298 - phone budget slider form factor. Against the backdrop of the latest equipment to Philips, it seems to me, black sheep. It does not work so long on a single charge, the amount of Xenium series, has some different features such as mobile music, the M-Class. And perhaps most importantly - the price is not competitive on the market can be found in many of the same models for the same price, so the second-tier manufacturers, and leading manufacturers.


Appearance, size, controls

Externally, the device does not seem so boring, but somehow fresh in its appearance is not enough spice, some of the original lines, which is not in sight. The project can be described as quiet and reserved, it is virtually all smooth lines and beveled edges are a bit '. Otherwise, having an angle "acute" is difficult to place the device in hand, because the pages literally "bump" in the palm. There are devices that fit easily in your hand perfectly, but the Philips 298 can not be said, the device takes some 'getting used to.

Telephone relatively small (95h47.5h13.9 mm, weight 82 grams), making it easily fits in a jeans pocket, and in his shirt pocket is completely safe to wear. The case is made of quality plastic, glossy cover zalyapyvaetsya and fast, but it will not be visible to all sets of color options. The company offers three phone colors of black, red and gray. All versions look interesting, and the choice depends on personal preference. Strong enough to cover the appearance of marks and scratches, but it is only the appearance of small scratches are inevitable. Collection for high level of detail corresponds closely to the other, the holes are very small and uniform, and there are no cracks or backlash.

The sliding mechanism is in motion, but the work can not be called perfect, picks it up later and move a little 'cotton. Particular attention will be less of a finger to open the phone there, but no matter, for these purposes is the perfect navigation button on the front panel. Play between the two halves of the body is opened and closed the phone, but it is so small that even if you do not notice at all.

On the left side of the phone is only a slot for microSD memory cards, which is covered with a rubber stopper attached to the body. Cap is flush with the body, and it's really hard to choose. The manufacturer has not made any cuts or bumps, which we could cling to the opening of the strain.

On the right side of the phone is placed on top for mounting petlichka lace / strap is standard miniUSB socket, which is also covered by a rubber flap that is attached to the body, which has experienced the same problem with the discovery that the CAP and memory card slots. MiniUSB connector on the phone is used to connect the charger, data cable and connect to a wired headset. Further down the right side is the camera button and the microphone open conversation. Mic hole is derived not only on the side of the device, but also on the surface of the lower half of the slide so you can call and speak when it is closed and when opened.

Most of the back wall of the phone is the battery cover, which is attached very securely, and at work, you will not feel any reaction, and you hear a hint of a squeak. Here in the back of the phone for a VGA camera embedded objects, which is a little behind in the body that help prevent damage and not get dirty quickly.



The device is a small 1.8 "(28h35mm) screen, TFT technology, which has a resolution of 128x160 and can display up to 262,000 colors. The phone can simultaneously display up to 7 lines of text, and also the three lines identified by the information service. The screen quality is not very high, which is not surprising, but it is interesting to note that significantly outperforms display devices CSTN, which are often created a budget phone. The screen 298 of a small viewing angle, both vertically and horizontally, but in most cases of this and not notice. In direct sunlight the display gets washed out, but information, but not without difficulty, but it is quite possible to read.



The keyboard is divided into two parts: navigation and digital. Keyboard navigation device is made of glossy plastic, with the exception of the navigation button that has a smooth surface for the metal. All the buttons are large, and also convenient for the form so they are close to each other, not prevent it a pleasure to work with them. Navigation button to four lanes is round, it is listed in the "OK" button. "OK" - the only one that is not practical to work in the machine, would cost the manufacturer to make some plays, and then because of the raised edges of the scroll key to make it difficult to reach.

Digital Pad is available only in an open machine. The buttons are made of plastic rough to the touch, plus they have great size and a slightly curved shape to be comfortable working with them. On the phone keypad is close to work, even for users with large fingers. The backlight is blue, very bright and is spread over the entire surface evenly.



Since the device is powered Lithium-Ion 600 mAh. The manufacturer claims the phone with his work up to 220 hours standby and up to 3 hours talk time. In Moscow networks the device worked operators an average of 4 days to 15-20 minutes of calls per day, or about 1.5 hours of music playback and up to 15 minutes of other functions. As you can see, while relatively small for such a product, if you increase the load, the battery will be reduced to 2 days. Time to full battery charge - about 2.5 hours. The phone battery can be recharged from the network and via USB, the phone connects to your PC.


Working memory and PC

Internal memory of the machine a little 'rough, its volume is only 500 KB. But no matter, because the machine has support for microSD memory cards with the possibility of hot-swappable. According to the manufacturer, the maximum memory supported by your phone is 2 GB.

When the computer is only possible to include a removable hard disk storage space and all. Phone memory and memory cards, removable drives are defined, without any additional driver. Connect your phone to your computer is USB 1.1, so download a large amount of data memory is faster and easier to use a card reader. It 'nice that the manufacturer has taken the standard mini USB jack, in many cases can only play into the hands of users.



The main menu of the device can be represented as a 3x3 matrix. The quality of the menu design is good. The submenu has a vertical list, sometimes under the selected menu item displays its status. The device can quickly navigate through the sequence, it is true, the menu items are numbered, and the number by which they occur, will have to calculate yourself. In addition, the user can assign access to menu items required for the navigation button in standby mode, in addition, there are shortcuts that can consist of 10 points, modified by the user.

As you navigate through the menus visible stuttering, no, it works fairly quickly.

Position of the device consists of half proving to be a good translation of the selected menu, are also present, and abbreviations. But the fonts are available on the phone is good, are thin and tasty. The phone comes with text input EZI input (similar to T9), Russian and English.

Directory. The machine memory can store up to 300 contacts. For each name can be written (up to 30 characters), up to four phone numbers with a tight coupling of room type, company name (up to 20 characters), e-mail address and name of the company. Contact can add to a group and assign a ringtone, picture (image size limit - 20 KB) or video.

The phone only five groups, each user can specify a name, assign a ringtone, picture (also a limit to the size of 20 KB) or video.

Search the directory by the first letters of the name.

It 'also the numbers 8, except that for some unknown reason, the settings are not "phone" and "Settings".

The image is assigned a contact is in the incoming and outgoing calls are not in full screen, from top to bottom, and there are still plenty of room. At the same time a video is assigned a contact, you will see almost a full screen, but only for incoming calls.

Posts. The machine memory can store up to 460 messages. The device can work with SMS and EMS. Finally, in the phone memory is pre-installed set of animations, images and ring tones. Telephone no problem to send and receive messages stuck, writing a long message at the top right you can see the number of characters to the left and use the number of messages. The maximum length of outgoing messages - 1224 characters. When writing a message, you can use one of the 10 models of text (which can change its content in its discretion), and inserted into the body of the message the user number or name of the phone book.

There is a phone and chat function where all the messages from / to the individual subscriber is displayed on a screen. This feature is designed for the phone call with up to two subscribers.

The device supports a maximum message multirassylku to 10 phone numbers. It is also possible to plant a selected group of users of the telephone directory.

MMS editor is quite simple and straightforward in operation, to send the maximum amount must not exceed 100 KB. There are five models are pre-MMS, the user can customize to your liking.

The email client supports POP3/IMAP/SMTP-pochtovye boxes, reducing the font size - 100 KB, the same limitation on the amount of outgoing messages. In an attachment can be any file, including memory and external cards. Results can be added to the three objects as attachments. Reading problems of the Russian character, the device includes only Unicode. Is not it possible to get headers only. It is possible to work with three mailboxes, but will pass them by e-mail settings menu.

Challenge. Standard lists of incoming, outgoing and missed calls, which can accommodate up to 20 rooms. Similar figures are combined, each can see the details, the date and time of call, last call, the name (if the number in the phone book) and the number of games. The meter can be seen talking during the last call, and separately, while all outgoing and incoming calls. There is also a data counter.

Services. This section is WAP 2.0 browser.

These are the settings of the profile data and a section of the SIM card menu.

Games and activities. The device pre-installed with three simple game, is a monkey, puzzle, and chicken. Java support telephone number.

Profiles. 5 profiles in the unit, fully customizable. You can select a ringtone for virtually any action that defines the volume and set the ring type (single, repeated or increasing). Here you can select another cycle, it can be: just a call, that vibration, vibration and ring at the same time, vibration, and then call.

Diary. Calendar. The calendar can see only a month. You can also view a list of all events. For an event to set the date and time (start and end events), a score of small text (up to 35 characters), an acoustic set with the possibility of repeating daily, weekly, monthly, or on certain days of the week. In the notes, you can add a model ready reminders (only the telephone 10).

One is identical to the agenda.

The unit has five independent alarms, each exposed to, and renewals on a daily basis, or certain days of the week. In addition to music, you can choose the type of alarm and alarm.

Program to read. This is a simple e-book reader. Supports three encoding: BIG5, GB2312, ASCII (Western Windows), UCS2 (Unicode) and UTF8. In the settings you can install the font (regular, italic or bold), choose its size (small, medium or large), select, scroll (page or line), and includes Autoscroll. The unit easily opens files of 1 MB, the cost of this action is not more than 10 seconds. Read a book with a small screen, to be honest, not very practical, but perhaps another option, and useful, for example, to pass the time during the trip.

It is a function of the counting device and overweight, you can enter your sex, weight and height, and the program will calculate if you are overweight. Of course, this feature is fun, and should not be taken seriously.

In addition, the calendar is female.

This section is a function of world time, calculator, unit converter and currency converter.

Multimedia. MP3 player can play songs at different speeds, which can be anywhere in the phone memory or memory card. There's a playlist, you can add any song of your choice. You can also enable automatic reading list, in this case, the phone automatically detects your music files, but only a specific folder. Player controls are performed using the navigation keys. Shuffle and Repeat can only be activated by setting the players to do so quickly will not work. Rewind a song there. The player has only one type of game that can work in the background, just press the hang up. Name of the song being played on a DVD player are discreetly displayed on the screen under the logo of the operator in brackets.

The player plays music through the headphones and speaker. He came with the phone in stereo headphones of average quality, and furthermore, they are not very easy to use. Playback quality of music to the device is low and this parameter is able to answer the phone if absolutely undemanding users.

Recorder. Can record a telephone conversation. They can choose where to save the file: in the phone memory or memory card. The recording can be to get a break, and continue to do so in the future. Recording time is limited only by free space on the card or phone.

File Manager. This menu item is not just a file manager. When you log in, you can choose what kind of view of memory, an internal or external, at the top shows the size and free memory. Menu allows you to open your memory, or initialize. File Manager can be set to sort the files and folders by name, type, creation date or file size. You can create new folders and rename already begun. Files can be moved between folders, send an MMS to other devices or e-mail. The selected file is displayed at the top of such information in the form of icons (graphic files are displayed in miniature), this is about the size of the problem.

Composer. You can create your own melody. When you create, you can choose the playback speed and the tool used (10): piano, guitar, violin, saxophone, drums, flute, accordion, trumpet, music box, xylophone.


House. This handset has a VGA camera lets you take the following resolutions: 80x60, 160x120, 320x240, 640x480. You can select the compression quality: low, medium, high. Making quick adjustments of the camera in capture mode, you can use the numeric keys. You can adjust the white balance, adjust exposure, frequency select, and activate or deactivate night mode. Of course, you can immediately apply effects, add one of the two tables with a preview option, allow explosion (3 or 5 shots), start the timer (5, 10 or 15). You can choose photos to be stored: the memory card or device memory.

Photos taken with the phone, unless it is suitable for use with the device.

(+) Increase, 640x480, JPEG (+) increase, 640x480, JPEG

(+) Increase, 640x480, JPEG (+) increase, 640x480, JPEG

(+) Increase, 640x480, JPEG (+) increase, 640x480, JPEG

The album can see photos of a list, in the form of a matrix of thumbnails or full screen.

Videos can be removed in the resolution of 128h104 points. In the options you can choose the video quality.

1 Video clip (avi, 224 kb)>>>

Video sample 2 (pdf, 304 kb)>>>

A player can play videos in full screen or window. Album shows a list of videos.

Installation. Here you will find your phone. You can set the time and date, select the menu language and the input mode to use by default. Here is the automatic on / off the phone.

In the display settings are invited to choose the wallpaper, it can be a pre-installed images or other graphics file. You can select the screen saver (the same as wallpaper) and set the time after which it will be included. Here you can also adjust the brightness and backlight time.

This section also includes the parameters of the call and security.



The phone has the average quality of the reception. Volume sufficient sensitivity speaker and microphone for conversation at home in almost any condition. There is a speaker phone and is activated by touch and it works pretty well. The phone has 64 polyphonic ringtones, integrated low tones, but the situation can change the right tone in MP3. The user can define your own no more than 5 tons. Chime unit average power, sometimes you can not feel.

On the downside the phone is the lack of Java support, the presence of the camera very very bad and dull, although the latter - is, of course, like everything. The benefits are remarkable for a comfortable keyboard, beautiful screen for the product, the presence of miniUSB connector and supports memory cards with optional hot-swappable.

In general, Philips 298 can be described as the checkpoint model, there is absolutely nothing that deserves attention. For 2500 rubles (about $ 90), which require the machine, you may find something more interesting in terms of design, but here in terms of functionality, these models will be identical to the Philips 298.
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