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Philips 655

Review GSM phone Philips 655

Philips 655 photos of the interior





Philips is the increasing number of fashion products, first rakladushek. An interesting proposal was Philips 650, which is characterized by high capacity battery, and as a consequence of the length of waiting time. Many have complained about the lack of a Philips 650 digital camera. The company took into account the wishes of users and has published an update - Philips 655 model. Unfortunately, for marketing reasons, the product was decided to withdraw from the Xenium line (devices with long operating life). Consequently, the phone has a standard Li-Ion 600 mAh. The manufacturer claims the device is capable of delivering up to 400 hours standby and up to 4 hours talk time. In Moscow the device worked for about 3 days to 50 minutes of talk time and up to 15 minutes of other functions. This is a typical figure of the device in its class. A full charge takes about 1.5 hours.

Design model is attractive on the outside is a large mirror, he served as an ornament, and also allows pictures of themselves. Above the mirror is a VGA camera lens is similar in characteristics to what we have seen in previous products, such as Philips 755th The front also has a plastic case looks like a metal, it diversifies the type device. Down of the device is positioned outside of the screen, here it is vice versa. Points of the screen resolution 80h48, allowing you to skip the line service icons and a text string with system messages. Underlining the external screen is blue and it looks good.

Total assumed three different color options for this unit - Black Sphere, Red Balloon, Balloon money. We had a ball of silver. The first possibility is the different color front inserts and keyboard, they are black, the rest in cash. The Red Balloon color in front of the entire body red, the camera is very elegant, it is more suitable for girls.

Unit size 85h45h24 mm and weighs 90 grams (size 75 cu. Cm.) Phone fits perfectly in your hand, on the sides of grooves specially designed to facilitate the release of the device. On the activation button next to the camera right on the volume rocker on the left, a window in the infrared (it used to work as a GPRS modem to receive files supported standards and synchronization with a PC using special software). Form devices, rounded at the ends, open the phone, you will see that the angle of almost 180 degrees, the phone fits comfortably in your hand, well located at the mouth.

At the top there is a strap hole in the connector on the bottom of the magazine, is covered with a rubber stopper. The return of the dynamics of the hole may see, for example a design on the phone from Philips is the first meeting. Decision of success, the ringer volume many times more than previous models, it is clear (also affected by the fact that 64-tone polyphony). A similar decision by the dynamics used in Motorola phones (almost all triplets).

Expand the device can be a hassle but the process does not provide. Inside, you will see a large display, up to 65000 colors and a TFT (128x160 pixels, 32h38 mm). The phone can store up to seven lines of text (View) and two service lines.

The display quality is not as big as the device, Samsung, Motorola, but will be able to compete with other producers. The image is too oversaturated colors, but it is clear contrast. This creates a good combination of style and functionality, the interface device is designed to be very well prepared. Here, it seems the developers purposely went to the worst exhibition of art images so they have a good look every day from the menu. The relatively low contrast, not very bright backlight to achieve a successful low power consumption. The same display is not the best way, is very faint on a sunny day.

The keyboard is plastic, not the navigator, is written on the OK button. The numeric keys are average in size, there are horizontal lines. Keyboard Comfort average. The backlight is blue, the characters are in different conditions.


The menu has undergone minor changes, so that finally there was a denial of a carousel menu that appears, with a scroll wheel, but for how long they survived. In this model, a standard menu, the icons are arranged in rows. Most of the individual function icons and punctuation (volume, profiles, etc) more than previous models.

For a screen can be defined as the background image and it will be apparent not only in standby mode, but in all menus. This leads to certain restrictions when choosing an image has failed, some of the menu icons, legends, begin to melt together in a mess, poorly differentiated. A similar problem arises with the interface, Nokia 6230, but here it is not so severe, affecting a high resolution screen, the icons on it, as inscriptions.

Other improvements include the category of the nice things that are a pleasant surprise when you work with your phone. Click the chance to see what will be the choice. Therefore, when choosing the type of shows on the screen (analog, digital or mixed), initially seen in the list as they look. The same is true of several other articles.

If you call the numbers are large, high visibility. But I will not do it without downside. The unit has remained the traditional problems, some menu items are confusing, difficult to access. The lack of a quick navigation using number sequences can not be considered a plus. An inexperienced user will always use the navigation key, happy that she is comfortable. Generally, I note that the ergonomics of the menu, his opinion is better than in previous models. Let's look at all the camera functions in order.

Using the navigation keys, you can scroll through the menus. Output for the upper level is just by pressing C. If the output of the sample by pressing a release, the phones of other brands, it does not work. Navigate the menu using only the number of sequences. It serves as a partial replacement of keys you can assign shortcuts to eight menu items. So if you press 5 in standby mode, there will be a calculator. Remember, the more you set the menu keys, the least able to choose a set of numbers for one touch, these functions are combined in the device.

Almost all sub-menus are also in the form of icons. If you frequently use the function, hidden inside the menu, you have to work hard navigation button or assign a voice tag for these items. The phone memory can store up to 40 voice tags can be used to access frequently used menu options. So the big sub-menu does not play a role, it is important to reorganize to use this feature.

Address book. The phone memory can hold up to 499 names for each to invest in areas such as your name, comment, up to 5 numbers and an e-mail. To access the directory from standby mode, turning the scroll key down. At some point, just outside of the phone or the SIM card only. The list contains the names only, if the disc does not fit the screen, it automatically switches. Highlighted the disc the right kind of phone side to side, you can select other phones, the selected names. Even if the arrow icon is active. The first screen of the phone the first time on the phone, eliminates the need to determine the specific numbers by default. Call the selected number, press the Send button. If you want to work at times, the phone is registered in any name you want is to navigate the menu. The same function is required if you want to set a voice number (40).

Recognition works well, but now you can give the same word in different rooms. In this case, a call to the last recorded tag and the other is in memory, but it never worked.

The list is a general search by the first letter and seeks only the first three letters not.

For groups of 50 subscribers can choose not only their music but their image (Photocall), in the future when an incoming call will be posted with the name of the caller. For a name for their photos can not do is the way the purpose of individual names in a new separate group.

Opinion. The messages are read received messages and create new ones. When you view the list of messages, each selected message is automatically displayed in full (Sprint) and when you open an individual message as it scrolls automatically, but now in full screen. This is very interesting and curious. There are 10 models in English, too common. A presentation can also send one of the many icons or a simple melody (EMS). Photos of EMS messages is very interesting, they are quite different and are drawn with humor.

This device supports the ability to save SMS messages-file, and automatically placing written messages in a folder with recorded messages.

Integrated e-mail program to understand the mail boxes (2) acts as a POP3 and SMTP. It 'can be configured to receive e-mail to a GPRS connection, usually nice, but the attachments are not supported (except in jpg), not only in Russia does not understand the ISO. Messages larger than 10 KB will not be accepted.

Parameters. Installation. It's simple: you can set security levels (traditional), set up a display of the five themes to change the window decorations, set the backlight time (1 minute), the screen saver, etc.

Immediately call all the settings are hidden, vibration, mixed-mode. But the interesting thing is the equalizer settings that apply during a conversation, a total of 5. ARM-codec appeared. The problem is that the operator must support this feature, my attempts to change settings and hear the difference was not successful, the sound has remained the same dynamics.

Phone profiles, they are all hard-stitched values ​​for each parameter can be arbitrarily changed only in a personal profile. Do not allow any flexibility in the settings of the phone, it seems that in this model, a single profile.

Multimedia. This menu hides several functions, keep in mind in order.

Photo album. List of images in the phone, there are many, they are mostly images of animals and children. All images are saved in JPG format which is supported by the device. You can see the current photo, select one of the images as wallpaper (background) in standby mode. In the photos, or their sequence can easily create a screen saver. The last two problems are solved by the Settings menu. The same list can see the icons used to create EMS messages.

Album sound. The album sounds are hidden in the melodies and dictaphone to record, can be used as ringtones or reminders.

Recorder. The phone memory can store a different number of entries (maximum 20), the recorder is in standby mode, and during the debate (both sides). Record length depends on the amount of free memory, but can not exceed one minute. During recording, the remaining time is less.

Against the memory. Indicates the number of busy / free memory, this option is very convenient as you can see the percentage breakdown between the different programs. Plus, you can view the program by selecting the number of items, their total volume. Such a detailed presentation of plays into the hands of those who want a thorough understanding of what and where they saved. Total amount of memory in the phone is 6400 KB. On the first employ about 450 KB files.

Business. The new menu, which moved to the organizer and other functions. So, this menu is an alarm clock. It can be mounted together on a daily basis, or "only on weekdays," the alarm. The calculator is very simple, no frills.

Organizer. You can check the calendar for the month, week. When you see the monthly calendar Select all of the days when there are events, and in one week that the distribution day, and next to each icon indicates the date of the event. There are three types of events: meetings, leisure and business. For each entry the date of start and end, the event is repeated (day, week, month, year). Also on display a warning for the event. Bad news is that the events triggered by requiring confirmation, it is sometimes annoying. You can delete old events in bulk. Total Organizer is acceptable, but no more. Organizer and the phone book memory is distributed dynamically. Surprise - 499 entries in the latter is only possible if the organizer is no registration at all. The total number of entries to the phone book and organizer is limited 499th

Call list. Call list, it is common, and failure is not so made or received, if necessary, for any date and time of call. The list can be up to 30 entries, this is called standby mode, the joystick up. Number from the list, you can use exactly the same as a notebook (messages, data visualization, etc..) Asks the same number is closer, are displayed in a row, for most users, this list is not running always convenient.

Service provider. This menu allows you to WAP browser. No characteristic when supports GPRS (4 +2), everything works without problems.

Games. In addition to the standard game tiles, is to acknowledge the support for the three Java games (MIDP 2.0). This device was originally there is support for Java, so a user could theoretically download new applications, I can not find anything, unfortunately, failed.

Camera. The device has an integrated VGA camera (like the Philips 855), the user interface to work with it has undergone significant changes, and new opportunities. Resolution Supported VGA camera called, backgrounds, CLIP, FotoCall. In addition, names that now the user can immediately see what purpose can be used to describe. Available, as usual, the three levels of JPEG files and therefore the image quality (low, medium, high). During the shoot, you can begin to establish, in particular the frame, but you can do later, inserted into a graphics editor. It allows not only applies to homes, but add an image to a series of simple images, to change parts of the image. Function of an editing program to appeal to young users of the model.

The user can also apply various effects to your photos (white, sepia, digital, relief, negative edge, Edge2).

Night mode, the image is not always good, the noise appears. It is necessary to pull in automatic mode, the quality is generally higher. Traditionally there is a timer to seize it works here, and if you close the phone.

Function to shoot video on the phone, but there is an intermediate solution. So you can take a picture and then write up to 30 seconds of sound, and then all together to send the message. How should such a function is not clear.

Photos shown in the file (270 KB, ZIP)


The quality of the machine to any complaint, the dynamic is always the background noise present, it has become tradition for Philips phones. Some might find this annoying noise, someone will not pay attention to him. The strength of the unit is polyphonic speaker sound clean even at maximum volume for clear sound. The call is much higher than previous models, it is understood well in different conditions. Vibrating alert is average, it does not feel at all times.

Initially, the market will be available in sets of two colors, and later in the month the unit will be red. As retailers should expect Philips 655 at the end of February, the cost of the phone the first time will be around 210-220 dollars. This is an appropriate price for a similar phone, therefore, it can become popular. Standard features for its class, an attractive design. The competitors for this model can serve as LG F2100, LG F2300, and Philips 650 (for those who are only interested in time), Motorola V300, Motorola V535. As a young solving this system is very interesting, attractive.

liji reviews, proud to be a member of Total Review Center since Sep 2011.
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