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Philips 659

Review GSM phone Philips 659

Philips 659 photos of the interior





Philips ODM orders are often places for himself and acts as a supplier, for example, the latest model from Siemens. At the beginning of the first half of 2004-level clamshell phone (almost the cost), the company was the model Philips 630, a favorable contrast to the presence of the radio. On this basis, the model, the company decided not to upgrade the unit with an integrated VGA camera. Unfortunately, Philips abandoned the 659 built-in radio, the performance of the model was similar to that of many others.

But the model design will be a standard style of most modern equipment, is an unusual and memorable. Outside you will see a shiny, metal, plastic, can be different colors (blue, red, gray). Here is the same OLED display (3 colors, mostly blue, the resolution of 96x64 pixels). The external display can be clearly seen the sun, by default, displays the time, the status bar. When you call, the caller's number is displayed.

The size of the phone (89.2x45.6x23.3 mm) and weight (89 grams) are typical of the devices in this category. Hand the phone is good, the only drawback might be served by an external antenna. In fairness it must be remembered that only the number of vehicles in this segment is a built-in antenna, and is not related to new products.

On the left side are two volume buttons and a separate key for system events (menu navigation, it can replace OC). The interface connector is traditionally low (it differs from Philips 630).

On the back of the camera and mirror. The camera unit is very similar to the number of LG mobile phones, in particular, G5500.

Opening the device, you will see an internal TFT screen (65,000 colors), it has a resolution of 128x160 pixels (32h38 mm), which allows you to view up to 7 text lines and two lateral. Image quality is quite good, but the pre-image, and the interface is not in itself very interesting. To some extent this is typical of most models Asian manufacturers of the quality of the second and third layer of the interface is not paid too much attention.

The screen reader is a plus for this model. He admits that the quality of the screens in the Siemens 65 series, but it is quite readable.

The keyboard is average for comfort, it has a blue backlight which can be seen and not in all cases, sometimes seek to merge together. The keys are well distributed, they are medium sized. Block function keys not normally connected, but it does not create problems. In general, we can say that the keyboard is quite comfortable.

The back panel hides a lithium-ion battery, 600 mAh. According to the manufacturer the phone can operate up to 3 hours talk time and 300 hours standby. In Moscow the device worked for about 3 days with 40 minutes of talk time and up to 20 minutes of other functions. He did not record the hours of work, but not an outsider, a generally poor. A full charge takes about 1.5 hours.

SIM card standard, there are no subtleties here.


The menu of this phone is not a tradition that the older models from Philips, so the main menu is represented with 9 icons in three rows. There is a rapid shift to a different representation of the main menu - an icon and a legend for her. Unlike many models in this menu by pressing the button with a single click. From the main menu, you can switch quickly from one place to another using numbers, the navigation works even in list mode. It is possible to assign different keys, menu functions, plus there is a voice command, you can assign a predefined menu. Consider the main features of the device in order.

Directory. The phone memory can store up to 500 names and each name write numbers 5, email, text, address, specify the number of IM. When entering data you choose the default number, which displays the first phone (the icon next to their name). To see the numbers and call them, call for details included. The general list shows the numbers in the phone memory and SIM card, the latter being marked by a special icon. The list is a search by first letter, there is a separate search for the realization of a fragment of a name. The phone has various user groups, each group can set a tone.

Posts. The phone memory can store up to 100 messages, there are 10 models personalized message and a large number of predefined groups with messages that quite comfortably. The device supports predictive text input T9 water, so the simple message type. Ideally, the comprehensive implementation of addresses to send messages, you can choose from a list of multiple recipients. I found it odd that the addition of an icon in the message body may be after it was written, select the recipient, which is at the end of writing, it seems logical. Set of standard icons for Philips phones, which are great fun, and many of them.

Model supports the creation of MMS messages, all fairly simple and straightforward. Results of places is limited to 1.2 megabytes of memory.

Messages menu item is the director of Instant Messaging QQ, his work is needed to support the operator of this service.

Call list. The phone has three lists, each of which supports up to 10 items. In return, you must order each item can display the date and time of call. At the same hidden menu meters of the total calls. GPRS traffic

Profiles. The phone has five profiles, and for each you can change all settings, unlike other phones, Philips. Realization of profiles is useful.

Forwarding. All functions of the menu, followed by its name.

Installation. From this menu you can adjust the ring volume, select one of 20 preset tunes. For the internal display is also possible to select one of the instructions, or show the organizer's calendar or the function of universal time.

In the setup menu has a list of keyboard shortcuts to open menus and a list of voice commands, responsible for the same purpose.

The phone also has a black list and white list of subscribers is a very useful feature that lets you cut unwanted calls.

Tools. Organizer can display a calendar as a week or a month. To enter a description of two types of events (a reminder or appointment), and each event can be defined as one time or recurring to a warning. Past events can be deleted automatically. The memory can store up to 30 events that can not be considered adequate if the other machines in this segment of more users and do not need.

The phone has three alarm clocks, which can be installed into one, and daily or weekly alarm. As an alarm signal is activated, any part of the overall list.

Handy Calculator at the expense of graphics.

Stopwatch and countdown timer, world, and quite traditional.

The phone has a timer on / off the phone at any time, an interesting feature can be useful.

Sound Recorder you can record a maximum of 30 seconds, the number of records limited only by available memory (default is 3 items).

Biorhythms. The owner of the machine enters the data into a birthday party every day, be aware of their biorhythms.

Games. The phone has six games, it's reflexes, Smart Move, Serpent, mining, Breakout, good luck. The first game is a classic Tetris, the second you need to move the ball across the field, so they got to their seats, and the third is a minor. It is followed by the variant in small groups and one-armed bandit.

WAP. Show wap-resources are not too expensive on this phone (the browser 1.2.1) because there is packet data. You can use GPRS for that, because there is no infrared port, and buy the cable is useless, but in this case, the Philips 659 and be transformed into a wireless modem.

Camera. The phone has a VGA camera has been installed, supports a 4x optical zoom. The phone has a number of effects that can be applied to the frame images. Unless the cable or the infrared port to transfer images to a computer is not possible. The images look great on the phone.

The phone also supports video recording, can add up to a minute (MJPEG). You can set the frame rate during recording. Results for pictures and videos devoted to 1.8 MB of memory.


The quality of the complaints about this machine is not well in an urban environment. The sound is clean and nice. Volume of 32 polyphonic ring tones is high, the phone will receive the same under various conditions, including outdoors. A set of songs is not very big, but there is always the possibility to download new MIDI files. A call and vibration can be felt even from the top of the clothes or bags. The disadvantage is that you can install only the vibration mode, or mode of call. Mixed signal device.

The model will be at the end of September, the initial retail price is 300-310 dollars. The cost of this model is high, the manufacturer indicates that the camera makes the unit attractive. Given the presence of competitors like Motorola V300, V500, Sony Ericsson Z600 on the price similar or even lower, should not expect big sales Philips 659th Until the end, the model will remain a niche and become popular since the early next year with a wide variation in the price (under $ 200). Within the line of competitors for this model is Philips Philips 630, because many people do not need a camera, MMS, and is interested in the existence of the radio. In summary, we find that the Philips 659 will remain a niche solution for the company.
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