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Philips Fisio 820

Philips Fisio 820 GSM Review

This phone was launched, unexpectedly. In January 2002, Philips released the first pictures of the car and opened the curtain on its performance. Already in March the CeBIT Show phone can not see with my own eyes many of the units is very happy, but the timing of its appearance on the market were not invited. Not least, this was due to problems with the relocation of phones from Europe to China. Fisio 820 can be provided on the shelves in September. The device is now manufactured in China, like other telephone companies. Production quantities are such that it is unlikely to satisfy the market, but Philips wants to strengthen its presence. At this point, the machine conveyor belt to move, only for the Asian markets here in the past. As a result, the phone supports only two languages ​​in the menu, and I - in English and Chinese. The package according to preliminary data support the major languages, including Russian (menu only).

Telephone is available in three colors, blue (Crystal Blue), sand (Sahara) and red (Red Mars). Most of all I liked the body is blue, not very bright and flashy as the other two. The size of the phone is very small (98 x 47 x 21 mm), is almost buried in his hands, but it is easy to maintain the rounded shape of the hull. The weight is also a small - 85 grams. So if you look on the front of the device, you can see the silver box around the screen, the color of the keyboard. Put the same for all three body colors and color keys. Above the opening speaker, while the top of the phone (and the distance between the outer edge of the screen) is very small, only a half cents. So, the first attempt to put the phone to your ear is traditionally (in the ear seems in this case, display), and the acoustic sound too bad. In fact, the same phone is positioned below the hole was in front of the speaker, it is strange at first, but then no problem.

The display of this model is large, its resolution is 120x120 pixels, which allows up to 5 lines of text + 3 side. The most interesting thing is that the color on the screen. It displays up to 256 colors, has a white backlight. In standby mode (no backlight) information on the screen almost unreadable, especially on the inside. With the backlight of the screen is visible, but it fades in the sun, and the Sony Ericsson T68i. Generally, if you compare the screens of both models, it is more Fisio faded, the colors are not as saturated.

And the screen are three buttons on either side of them - the key of C (and deadlock) and access key to the menu (on / off). The keyboard is made of plastic, with rounded buttons, easy to grow. Say the same about soft-keys can not - they are too close when you work with them discomfort occurs. This model uses the numeric keypad designers an unusual solution: keys 2, 4, 6, 8, united in a single joystick. While the 5 key is used to confirm the entry, which allows minimally inconvenient to use the function keys in virtually all modes of operation. On the pages there are no buttons, although the volume during a call, it can be done by the menu.

The key symbols are visible only in total darkness - the font is too thin to take it apart in artificial light or sunlight.

Go back to the surface is coated with a rubber stopper with an external antenna connector. Rubber cap so tightly into the slot, and its purpose is to use the materials at hand. Convex Even the word "Philips". It is made of rubber, which allows the phone to put in danger, that he did not push. But a normal desk telephone with an uneven, if the pressure chamber at the top, bottom or side, leans strontium. Of course, this is less a technicality, it is not necessary for most users. Infrared port for this model does not, the developers have removed this feature by assuming that the Bluetooth can replace it.

At the bottom you can see the interface connector is located on the headphone jack for left and right - for the loader. The connectors are not marked. It also comes with a headset.

The battery of this model of lithium-ion battery, which is integrated into the rear cover is removed completely. The battery is installed very safe, no game, and even refers to its capacity in the future. 620 mAh of capacity, according to the manufacturer, is capable of operating up to 400 hours of standby time and talk time - up to 5.5 hours. Tests on MTS Network in Moscow showed that the phone can last for 3 days with the use of assets (1 hour and 20 minutes of calls, about 30-40 minutes of other functions). With minimal use of the phone (only phone calls, total time 15 minutes) was able to work 6 days. Full charge time is approximately 2 hours.

Before moving on to other phone features, you need to keep the battery more. And 'well known that the algorithms to calculate the running time of some of the batteries are very inaccurate. In this model, the light to see the level of 4 points, in real life, only the first two points have to behave correctly. The other two points can be lost for two hours, the machine starts to lose charge quickly. At the same time, the battery is discharged, the device tells the audience of about 5 minutes before shutting down. This is a very bad time, buyers will have to adapt to it, how long a certain phone features are in each state and then blame him. If you turn off the phone pressed to store user settings, a very nice feature. When you change all your settings are saved, but if the phone is off at low battery, you must be a slight disappointment, saved only to the table, which marks the memory (PIM, address book), for reasons other than time and effort.

Another feature of the device behavior due to the fact that all missing the event (the last date and before it was time to shut down) is displayed to you when you turn to a non-stop, including the loss of the alarm. I believe that this function is questionable.


Let me remind you that this machine - dual band, supporting a series of 1900 in it, which distinguishes it from the same SonyEricsson T68i. In standby mode, the screen displays the name of the operator, battery level, signal strength, date and time (analog or digital clock), the row of icons showing the current mode.

The menu on the principle of the carousel. By pressing the "menu" and you get the main menu of a series of animated icons that can be rotated in a circle. The same applies in the main menu - all submenus are also represented by icons arranged in a circle that is used to move the navigation button, to go into the menu - pressing a button or a number key 5 During the navigation of the current position of the sections are displayed as an icon in the upper left corner (marked with the circle of your current location), the real benefit of such a monitor is not. Navigating the menu is authorized to designate up to nine points for quick access to the various points with the same labels used for speed dialing, so I have to choose the most appropriate.

Consider the main features of the machine, and especially their implementation.

Names. Advanced unit book - is in many areas may have more numbers (mobile, home, work, pager, data and fax, email, text notes). Each phone has its own icon. In general, there are two telephone directories, by default Scroll down (just scroll down the list manually, use the arrow keys) and to search the phone for the first letter. Press the left soft key, you enter that way, and when the first press of the phone will automatically switch to playback mode (search). Series General can only be seen in the names of subscribers, and STRESSES the same specific name - enter the number of defaults (the right icon). Side buttons, you can choose another number, and the right to change the icons, but this view can not be a space in this way.

To do this, a simple desire is to work with the menu numbers. Press the soft center, the default icon of a call (call). The implementation of a poorly designed because the phone number before you can by simply clicking on the menu above the right button. Turn the menu on the right twice and get to the point "View" (Display), which is the purpose of the trip. To see all the data associated with its name, it took three clicks. The interface is not well thought out, it generally applies to all menus, not just for this, we have to do a lot of unnecessary operations for simple tasks efficiently. In the sub-menu also contains features such as transfer of a business card to another phone, write short messages, editing rooms and room types, the purpose of the Speed ​​Dial button to a number etc.

Incoming calls to the phone only shows the caller's name, room type is not specified. And 'possible to give a maximum of 40 voice commands to the phone numbers, phone book, phone and asked to repeat the name three times, and make the final confirmation needed. Phone allows you to record the same company, for whom the word "Jane" was written with the same name, but in three different rooms. Therefore, when you try to do a voice, "Mary" the phone only had to turn it off podvis. This is unfortunate, especially when many manufacturers (Motorola, LG, Samsung) has introduced a test for uniqueness of tags.

Just forgot to mention that in the phone memory is dynamically allocated in the directory can contain up to 1800 lines (not the names of only 300). See also the SIM card and phone memory can not be forced to choose one thing. Overall, the phone has 272 MB of free memory that can be used for different purposes, but more on that later.

Operator services. At the entrance to the main menu you get in this section, the developers decided it would be the most popular. Inside hidden access WAP browser (another menu), and access to service numbers. Nothing interesting here is not wap-browser version 1.2.1, everything works.

Photo album. List of images on the switchboard, 5 jpg formats All stored that supports the device. You can view the current image by selecting one of them as wallpaper (background) in standby mode or sequence of images can easily create a screen saver. The last two problems are solved by the Settings menu. It is possible to send images to another device via Bluetooth, while searches for all available devices, but can not select a specific (looking for consistent, therefore, the printer, PC, PDA and another phone, I was at a loss).

When viewing a picture displayed at the bottom of the screen is drawn on the OK button. His prints are pressing the previous menu, and opens a new (Delete, Rename). This is another example of a strange machine interface - the menu has been created several similar principle.

Messages. The messages are read incoming messages and create new ones. Oddly, the machine has no memory for text, only the SIM card memory. When viewing the list of messages, each message is selected automatically displayed in full (online), and when you open a single message as flowing automatically, but now in full screen mode. This is very interesting and curious. There are 10 models in English, all too common. Phone theoretically able to send and receive messages from the EMS, the reality is to support the operator tries to send the melody was not successful. The event can also be sent to one of the many icons, but here it seems to correct one of the Philips phone. There is a problem of memory overflow, this can only be found an alternative to the "Reports", otherwise you can receive short messages, and the biggest disappointment, he knew nothing.

E-mail. Integrated mail client includes regular mailboxes (up to 4), works with POP3 and SMTP. It can be configured to receive emails via a GPRS connection, generally pleasant, but the attachments are not supported (except jpg) Russian encodings do not understand. Messages that are larger than 10 KB are not accepted.

Call list. Call list, it is common, and failure is not so made or received, if necessary, for any date and time of call. The list can be up to 30 entries, this is called standby mode, press and hold the right selection. Number list can be used like a laptop (messages, data visualization, etc.).

Organizer. As its name suggests, this is the organizer. You can check the calendar for the month, week. When you view a monthly calendar in red all the days that are not facts, and in a week as a distribution day, and next to each icon indicates that the day of the event. There are three types of events: meetings, leisure and business. For each entry in the start and end date, the case can be repeated (day, week, month, year). It sets out a warning to the event. The trouble is that the events triggered by the confirmation they need, which is sometimes annoying. You can delete old events in bulk. Total Organizer is acceptable, but nothing more. Organizer and phone book memory is distributed dynamically. Surprise - 300 entries in the second it is only possible if the host is not registered at all. The total number of entries to the phonebook and organizer is limited to 300.

Communications. Here you will find the settings related to Bluetooth and synchronization of data on your PC. Includes a CD of software is designed for synchronization. Efficiency of the Ericsson Bluetooth headsets have been tested (voice commands to work), had no problems, the same thing when connected to a PDA and a desktop computer. Thus, this technology is becoming quite familiar, as soon as you described we will pay less and less space.

Extras. In this menu there are all sorts of useful features like an alarm clock. It can be installed at the same time each day or week one operation.

The calculator is very simple, no frills.

Call. Here you can find all kinds of counter demands GSM, GPRS as well. Somehow, calls can be viewed only time all incoming or outgoing calls, the total time is displayed.

Memory status. Displays the status of your phone, you have a schema, everything is completely clear, but in real life, very little relevance. So I think it would be nice to know how many entries (it is in numbers, not percentages) may still occur in the phone book.

Memo. Voice memo recorder, or simply. You can only have one piece up to 30 seconds, then try to write another piece to remove first. Recording in progress during the debate.

Settings. Installation. It 's simple, you can set security levels (Classic Series), the display is a set of 5 themes that change the window decoration and color, set the backlight time (up to 1 minute), set the screen saver , etc.

Immediately call all the settings are hidden, may be one of 19 copies (+ 1 received), the vibration, mixed mode. But the interesting thing is the equalizer settings on the During the call, a total of 5 They have appeared due to codecs ARM, is practically the first phone with their support. The problem is that, ultimately, the operator supports this feature, try to change the setting and feel the difference is not successful, the sound was exactly the same dynamic.

Quick Sets. There are actually different profiles, one profile "At the meeting," "silent", "personal", etc. The problem is that the settings for all profiles immutable, they were originally installed in the phone. The manual contains a list changes the characteristics of each profile, apparently, he will have to remember or to rely on his intuition.


The sound quality is acceptable during a call, subjective noise do not seem very alive, there is little background noise (crackling). The phone is very good and acts to raise the quality of communication. For the duration of the call is displayed, it is possible to include timer.

Annoying almost every action, and confirm. Also, sometimes the only evidence leading to the onset of the next menu, everything is designed very poorly. It looks good on paper, in fact, are the chances of problems with the regulations and navigation. Contacts, all attached to the richness of the building after him during the week the buffet is hard to find exactly the kind of room, but you do not register. Again, menus maze.

Automatic key when you open the phone includes a backlit display, which is logical. A little 'work on the menu, then lay the phone sideways. After some time, turn the lock at the same time you start and the backlight. This is an illogical decision. Generally, the hardware of many illogical decisions, feeling that was created in haste and knee. Today, she is in class fashion phones with its direct competitor - the Sony Ericsson T68i. The comparison is not worth the Philips Fisio 820, depending too much difficulty. This is despite the fact that the unit price is about $ 400. I advise you not to buy this model, unless of course you do not want to be attracted by its sole owner, has not yet appeared in a wide range on the market. Finally, if you use your phone calls, and the smallest - the other functions, it makes a good impression, but is controlled by a lot of new technology. If someone tries to use physio at least 60 percent, it becomes immediately clear that it is not.
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