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Preliminary examination of Bada

Preliminary examination of Bada 2.0

If the first version of the Bada had some obvious drawbacks such as limited multitasking, not all of the modified interface, but most of the functionality of the box, the second focuses on the user interface. Tried to get him the most similar to Android. When working with Bada 2.0 will not let you think it is a form of Android, and not any other OS. Great similarity but also differences in short supply. It is safe to assume cheap copy of Bada Android, which otherwise do not have such a variety of additional programs. For example, Bada Skype yet, but when it turns out no one will tell you exactly. And if it is available on this platform.

The number of innovations in Bada 2.0 is large enough, the checks processed (I like the trigger, they are visually appealing), delayed sending SMS (refined from the first version), integration with MS Exchange as mail and calendar, task list. List of changes can be long they are visible on a closer look at the Bada 2.0 phones. This material has the character of the experience as a prototype wave of many features that simply do not work III, for example, the instant messaging application from Samsung - Kittens. With the advent of the commercial sample is attached to this examination and changed significantly. But for now the first to learn about Bada 2.0.

in Bada TouchWiz interface 2.0 applies, but has undergone significant changes, which can be called important. First, in standby mode for widgets is given a single screen, is designated in the list is a square. In this screen you can enable and disable widgets from Samsung. For example, the contact list, calendar, flow of new applications and so on. There is nothing here to put the widgets is impossible. For more widgets assign shortcuts and displays. You can create links to other sites, create their own files, even add files. And maybe add widgets, while this option is not there.

Secondly, it changed the notation received text messages, missed calls. That more resemble those of Android. We must draw a line of direction to go to the event. None of the puzzle and the puzzle on the screen, as the first wave.

The main menu is accessible by clicking the icon at the bottom of the screen. The main menu is a 3x4 grid. Working with the touch screen is simple. Click on the desired position, and was selected. The data type of field - Choose, and then there's the keyboard, pressing is not required. All menus can transform the phone, then it has a QWERTY keyboard. The recognition of handwriting, letter by letter on the keyboard. Built-T9, Swype, which supports analog, you can paint the words on the keyboard without lifting a finger.

Menu, you can arrange as you like. It is, rigidly fixed, only one icon.

Scroll through the list. If we were to the left of the screen, scrolling is faster than the right. A little, but improves the functionality of the solution several times, so it is more convenient. For lists with names that you can scroll through the desired word. For example, in the picture list, can move quickly from the appropriate drive letter, it is convenient.

Tree tray pop-up menu, there are 4 icons on / off GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound. Again, not all events, for example, came SMS, email, phone, etc.. Much like was done in Android. For example, for a new SMS-message displays the sender's name or address, as well as the first line of the message.

The phone has push-messages for most embedded applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, the Samsung app store. If you set the appropriate parameters to display new messages in the application, the screen saver pop-up window appears with information. For example, in his Facebook that someone has left a message on the wall - immediately appears for registration. It is worth mentioning that this function is useful, but greatly affects the energy consumption of the device, especially if you write a lot. You can put a battery in a day's work, while it is usually enough for two.


Normally, multitasking: Hold the center button, you call a list of active applications and switch between them. Application icons are displayed in the list view, as usual. You can close all applications, and separated.

Multitasking is normal, you can run multiple applications and to mitigate them. Close an application - click on the Finish button, this is not always nice. When you minimize an application using the middle mouse button, the information is not destroyed, stored in the application, you can start working in the same place (depending on the application, in some games I could not get it to work).

In general, multi-tasking takes place, but when you open a browser and some applications "heavy" of the unit starts to run slowly. Probably still reasonable approach to this problem and keep the memory of unnecessary programs.

Enter details onscreen keyboard - is a mini-QWERTY keyboard (the default). Key size is good, problems with recruitment, as indeed invalid clicks, almost non-existent. There is room for the prescribed number of characters. Guard column to move between them (period, comma, other brands). The implementation is suitable for those who are rapidly gaining.

When you start the phone, you can select any number of languages, including text entry. Keyboard switches in a single touch, they are cyclical. The default is selected, the first keyboard and design in English, and only then - all the rest.

Work T9 does not cause disturbances. When you type in the text box will appear saying you can select options drop-down menu. When using the QWERTY keyboard, T9 is not required, so the default is disabled.

For the nostalgic classic keyboard, it was left. It is more like the traditional phone keypad. Buttons on each put a few signs. To select the desired letter, you must repeatedly press a button.

Handwriting recognition has not disappeared: supports full screen and typing in a small window.

Contact get the Quick Launch bar at the bottom of the screen displays a list of all files in the phone memory and SIM card. It is a card, the first - this is a general list. Another - a group of subscribers, and then selected.

You can set the unit to the left, the cursor to the right. The list displays only the names on the left of them - the caller picture, see details you need to open it.

As an image name can be any image file with your photos or videos. Each entry can have up to five phone numbers of various types (cell, office, home, fax other), one of them will be a key (by default - the first entered). The fields are not fixed. From the phone menu, you can specify other fields such as e-mail, physical address, and so on.

There are two fields Name (search only by first field), some fields, summarized in the display, the name comes first. Besides summarizing the field created explicitly. For example Eldar Murtazin shown in that order. The length of each field is 20 characters for all input languages ​​supported. You can also change the language when you enter a name.

Sort recordings in different languages ​​in order: First, all the contacts in the local language (Russian, for example), so that all the names in English. It is rather convenient and habit forming. Taking into account fast language change option when searching, it becomes clear that the files in different languages ​​do not work with this phone. Sort the list by first or last name is present.

Returning to the data entered. In addition to the phone, you can write e-mail address (may be different), a small text note. For the name, you can select any audio file as a ringtone, including MP3 tracks. You can easily create as many groups, each melody and image (the default value consists of three groups, and outside groups). SMS messages are the choice of ringtones.

The phone memory is preserved up to 2000 contacts with lots of data fields. If you do not fill in all fields, the number of names will always be equal to two miles. You can define who keep the default, all new songs. There is a possibility to move entries from SIM card and vice versa. The developers felt that the best way to synchronize your PC's particular use of MS Outlook. Each folder can be quickly transferred to another device such as SMS / MMS, e-mail and via Bluetooth. No problem with sending it is not in the directory entry to another device without problems and it is read.

The phone can be a business card. Its format is the same as a regular file directory.

In the list of abstracts can be up to 12 numbers, separate numbers tied up with the same name. Appears in the keys of the chosen name or the photo, but not the type of phone.

You can create an unlimited number of user groups. Each group can select an image and a melody. The group can have a maximum of 20 students.

When an incoming call, an image displayed on half the screen, it is clearly visible.

For an individual subscriber, you can install your own version of the vibration (choose five).

Unlike all previous models the fact that when you view a contact, you can see four tabs. If the first contains all the information about the contact, the second is called "History", it shows the correspondence, phone calls and so on. The third tab is called "Activities", it lists all social services associated with that person, for example, his account and then writing Twitter / Facebook. Very useful to see everything in one place.

The last tab - "Media" and then displays the file extension from Flickr and other social networks. Something like what we saw in the skin of HTC Sense, is the model reached the same level, take advantage of convenient markers.

If you're a Gmail account, and will store your contact information, you can configure data synchronization with him. All contact information received from this source is the corresponding icon. Facebook, Twitter, and you can synchronize contacts (by phone), you can leave all your contacts, but only in part. Then, just to correlate with the contact name in the directory, and where "action" can see all the records for a person who leaves the social network. This function acts as "excellent", a very nice implementation. Then, you can meet the man.

The total list includes all events, including responses to your Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and SMS / MMS / e-mail. Find a list of restrictions, including hundreds of events, no problem. You can go only to the list of calls, but the menu can be filtered by type - incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

You can switch quickly from one list to another. To separate entrances for extended day and time of call, and all other communications with the caller. The whole story in one place. The same call can be summed up in front of numbers their numbers. Traditionally, this menu you can see the total time for all calls and their costs (if service has been activated).

For individual questions can lead the black list, therefore calls for them will not be accepted.

There is a separate list of messages to send.

Like other manufacturers, Samsung refused to artificially divide messages into SMS / MMS: you create a message and is based on its content, it is treated as text or as an MMS. The menu has remained a possibility of change of power in the multimedia message (for example, simply send the text, but the e-mail, bypassing the built-in mail client).

There is a way to display the messages in a discussion. In this kind of view combined reports are not shown completely, select it to read the entire text. It is not always practical. But it is appropriate that the talk show as an SMS and MMS.

List, you can sort messages by date, name, or the frequency of communication.

A unique feature allows you to send messages to a specific time. After writing a message, you can specify when and which days to send the recipient. Something good, I think many will love.

SMS messages can be stored on a memory card.

The phone memory can store up to 1,000 messages, the phone supports EMS, compatible with Nokia Smart Messaging. By submitting, you can select names from the phone book and a list of recently used, or groups. Traditionally, the possibility of a black list for all types of messages, if messages from these numbers will be deleted. It is possible to move messages to folders of your choice. Blocking e-mail is not only possible but also address the issue.

There is a limit to the size of MMS messages of 295 KB and the size of the message received is limited, it is not. Additional options should be noted that the rejection of advertising messages, select the type of message reception in the roaming and the home network. Messages are stored in general dynamic memory, the same e-mail.

There is also a very useful function for sending SOS messages. If you enable it, in case of emergency after a four-volume change message, press "I'm in an emergency. Please help me," will be sent to contacts submitted earlier, all incoming calls from these numbers by sending the message to be retrieved automatically. Recipients (not more than 5), and the number of repetitions can be set independently, but the text is not editable.

Built-in mail client is usual, nothing special about it. Results can be configured up to 5 accounts and the maximum number of messages for each of 1000 All types of attachments, but the message size limit when sending a 1 MB limit for incoming messages is 5 MB. Files can be viewed on the device with the integrated browser. Supports HTML pages are displayed correctly.

There is a Wizard that helps configure your email.

The phone memory can store up to 500 entries, is a type of event - a meeting. There are 100 entries birthday. For each time of entry and date of event, and indicates the time runs out. The signal can be set and the range for which you must leave the event (with configurable snooze time, and exclusion - it's convenient). Check the monthly calendar and the week are very suitable for every type of event has its own color chart. Calendar shows up as a landscape and portrait screen orientation.

Unfortunately we can not immediately make the event by clicking on a particular day in the calendar, there is no list of three cases for the selected day, while watching a month.

Notes - the notes text. They are beautifully decorated.

Tasks - up to 100 priority tasks.

Time. Combining multiple functions, this time around the world. Show time in some cities, everything is simple and clear. There was a card on which you can select your time zone. An alarm clock, timer.

Calculator - simple calculator.

Converter - allows you to convert a value to another, making a hand on the screen at once see the full list.

Dictaphone. You can save several hours of voice memos with the number of entries is unlimited. In principle, the limitation of the record set by a user, can not exceed one hour. In memory of all records are stored in a separate folder. The recorder works well in conferences, round table is quite adequate, which can be deciphered. To some extent, substitute for a digital voice recorder. I work for a conversation.

Bluetooth connection. Visually, the utility is unusual to see a map devices. As some of the leaders of the desktop, you can change the standard equipment list. All functions, there are no restrictions.

Game. For Java applications that support multitasking. You can run multiple applications, roll. Resource request can be accessed from the list. The number of preinstalled games may vary by market.

Warehouse. This section is hidden in the Google search. In fact, it is a browser, as well as access to e-mail service Gmail, as well as the full version of Google Maps (the commercial version of them can not be pre-installed navigation Guide 66). Let's start with the rest. Maps of quite general, just punch the screen, see the map and convenient way to navigate their hands. All management - on the screen can display a satellite view or map of the area. Determining the location of base stations in Moscow without any problems. Say something special in addition to the card that works. Supports an integrated GPS receiver.

Jet is a WebKit based browser then but now its version (browser name - Dolfin) 2.0. The differences with the NetFront same dramatic: saving experience with the browser, this is added a number of unique features. For example, the first appearance of the ability to customize the brightness of the screen in the browser itself will not have to leave. To work on the street is surprisingly pleasant. Support for Flash allows you to view all resources without any restrictions (now resolved the question remains whether or not Flash, so exactly what it is unstable and the browser). One of the first integrated browser that supports a ban on the display of banners. We tested this feature in a number of resources, it works.

The client browser supports RSS, you can download the tape. Supported by the history of pages displayed as thumbnails, and the same - to your favorites. Scaling up X10 with a finger. Design of the site content in a column. Pictures filter, looking for words on a page. Support for JavaScript, Flash. A full browser, which is similar in terms of comfort of the iPhone from Apple. The speed and quality. The device, which is to win.

In fact, here, for all files: music, photos, videos and sounds. All downloaded files are stored here. The downside is that sometimes the file is displayed in the list at a time, to exit and open the list again.

Supports file and view the list as icons. You can select one or more files from the list. It supports file operations such as Copy, Delete, the file transfer (phone to memory card). Sort the files may be both in time and by type, name, size. The list shows the default files in both RAM.

Traditionally, you can password protect any part of the phone. Specifies the backlight time and brightness. Unique or unusual settings for your phone. There are a number of different environments. These profiles can quickly change the settings of the machine.

Traditionally, set the font size for dialing, color and style.

For vibration configurable Vibez.

The device supports TV output.

Mobile Tracker - Enter a phone number where messages are sent when you change the SIM card. This message contains a number of the SIM card was used in the machine. Enter a password in this section only, which could be removed without knowing the password. When a new SIM card will be sent only once, every subsequent change of cards is a new post. An interesting possibility, which to some extent, to help you on the phone in case of theft.

In short, Picsel Viewer is an application that opens the phone's file format in MS Office (eg MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), graphical and video formats. Beauty of technology - fast: Discovery 20 MB PDF file requires a few seconds, so you can quickly navigate between pages, design, rotate as you want. No file editing - just watch, but that's not enough, especially when there is no need to convert multiple files for mobile devices.

Navigation. The program is used to Route66. This is a comprehensive navigation application, step by step (turn by turn), the voice prompts, and the like that out there. Appendix plain. I suspect that many will pay the full version, and users navigate this device is not a necessary part of the phone. Even though someone might need it.

My accounts. A place that brings together all the accounts of social media. Total height of such Bada, in particular, it provides access to the shop.

AllShare. The utility, based on the UPnP standard, when you're on Wi-Fi, you can download files from other devices (streaming). For example, installing server software on my laptop I was sent to your phone for music, podcasts and videos. It works well for phone S8500 class, this feature is new, but it is well known for a variety of products on Nokia S60 platform.

The player has been heavily reworked, it has become an integral part of the disk interface, it has an interface very similar to the counter - whether CD, if the face, a kind of Vernier - to judge you . Opening the music player in the normal direction of the screen you see before you a list of all tracks (all tracks), scrolling through the titles, you can see the playlists (they contain two lists you, and automatically - often played a quick list of recently lost). On the same line filter worn by artist and album. In both cases, you can not see the names, and set the display mode of skins. It should be noted that for the beauty of Samsung's book and great interpreter who lack coverage, add your default image. It's a bit confusing, you, the interface begins play.

Search function allows you to search lists of artist or song on the charts.

Turn to a landscape display the player's menu. Turn off the phone, and we are faced with a carousel ride. This is similar to the system covers a wide range of other models. For example, in the same Samsung Jet was something like that. Select the drive, and see a list of songs, you can select and start playing. But this, this mode does not stop there. So, if you pull the screen down the bridges, you will see a circle, which allows you to search the letters artists, songs, albums, and so on. Very nice control, which is a great collection of songs is simply irreplaceable. In the video, you can see how it all works.

Making the player can go in two versions - with album art, or an equalizer. I like the first option, because the other was too much dancing and moving eyes. Otherwise, the player is typical of Samsung products, so let us briefly list the properties.

Supports random tracks, sequence and loop. Download the mp3 file directly to your phone and Bluetooth and synchronization software or Windows Media Player. Files can have different names and identifiers, including Russia, phone them well understood. Bitrate of the files and not him, because the phone accepts all available formats. It also supports files in WMA, AAC, eAAC, eAAC +.

During playback, the track number in progress, the total number of tracks. Has the EQ, but there is no way to configure it. The songs can be played through a stereo or a speaker. The volume has 14 tones. The user can create their own playlists. The player can work in the background. In this case, the display shows the song and help manage the elements, which is nice.

In standby mode when the player collapsed elements is shown in its governance and the name of the current track.

The speakerphone is not very clean - not enough power, but the sound with a strong, phone, of course.

The quality of the music in my headphones are very good. Among the musical models, this machine I liked the most. Subjective, which may be due to the fact that I like the telephone, and popular music - I do not know.

To listen to music via the headset is 5.1 surround, it is - a kind of equalizer, making the volume. Competitor and an analog Dolby Mobile.

Search for music (early music recognition) - similar to Sony Ericsson's TrackID. In a recorded song fragment defines the artist and song. Benefits include a large number of Russian artists, this program exceeds the TrackID.

FM radio. The phone memory can store 99 radio stations, the frequency range available - from 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz is not an automatic adjustment of all stations, but for the individual channels can not affect the name, there are always as frequency numbers. The radio is in speakerphone mode. The implementation of the radius is normal, not all radios are receiving, but in general all at normal levels, comparable with phones from other manufacturers. The radio operates in the background.

RDS is not only the title shows a radio station from the list above, and other information. Contributions can be stored in phone memory.

You can set the parameters of brightness directly from the drive, set the colors (hot or cold).

Other features of the player working days: breakfast, x8, you can switch to another position, or drag a file to play, supported by DNSe. The manufacturer claims that supports playback of HD video, but you need to? List of supported file formats - MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, DivX, XviD. Almost all files in the network storage for this game on the phone without problems.

Since the image quality, this phone is one of the best players. The image can be scaled on the screen, or are part of the original (for example, the black bars on the sides).

Subtitles MKV files are compatible, you can activate / deactivate the menu. In the second version of Mosaic Bada abandoned the search, there is no video editor.

Images are displayed in a thumbnail list is open very quickly and without delay, even for a large number of photographs or images. Outdoor gallery now implemented in the style of Android.

In the filter list support, so you can sort photos by category, date, or just surf favorites.

Traditionally, you can run a slide show, and you can send the image you want or pictures to other devices, using any method available, including Bluetooth. For those who are actively using social networks, the ability to instantly download the selected network.

Scaling the familiar image of Apple iPhone: To reduce or dilute the fingers - multitouch. Image, or increases or decreases.

Sync. With the support of a new package of Samsung Kies, we will discuss in another article. This is an advanced version of the New PC Studio, which means that all the capabilities to synchronize everything. Additionally, the device is compatible with Microsoft Exchange.

Voice dialing. Vlingo support package, as used in the Samsung Galaxy SII.

In one place, gather all your email accounts, social services, instant messaging. You do not have to go into different applications to look around the rest of your business. All available from this menu and select the program already, you open it. The idea is good, but what I like most is the fact that although the menu does not need. In the directory, all the information that appears immediately, but incoming messages are pop-ups, and then you can answer on the screen in the same way as for text messages.

Probably should be stored separately for applications to work with social networks like Facebook. Excellent customer who knows almost everything he is doing well, on par with the best samples on other platforms.

Twitter is not so happy, the main criticism is that the group of friends 5-8 record date, which is extremely low. Save traffic this way - is a crime against ergonomics. We must continually press the "Update". The parameters can also specify how to display tweets. On the tape, you can click the name of the person and see their profile or respond. Names of the tweets are not displayed as links, that hurt. In general, client functionality can be estimated as an average, sometimes insufficient.

IM-client is good enough, not Google Talk, AIM, add some other options (but not Skype or ICQ, at least not in the near future). In the opposite direction right book your IM icon and you can start a conversation with him, if available. Then exactly the same idea that we should not enter the application. Well if you want to see all your old contacts in one place, you can open.

Calendars - the same as that of the contacts. You can extend the device online calendars, for example, the same Google calendar. The records are displayed in different colors from different sources. It is an overview of all events in the overall schedule.

Samsung decided to go on the interface update Bada Road, slightly revised and features already present in the greatest possible integration of third-party development Bada interface (for example, the navigation program Route66, Vlingo). Perhaps the biggest change that catches your eye. Unfortunately, talking about what Bada increased functionality compared to early versions of 2.0 critical, is impossible. Based on Bada Android development speed of development is less clear. This clearly indicates that Samsung has finally decided that this is a budget version of Android with fewer features. If not, why not develop active Bada? Sorry, but I wanted to see the long-awaited second version part of the largest number of changes, not just a cosmetic update interface is important but not critical.

liji reviews, proud to be a member of Total Review Center since Sep 2011.
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