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Russia's history of the twentieth century. Film 1-28

Russia's history of the twentieth century

The gift of "New media generation" company you gift sets documentary history of the twentieth century Russia "History" on DVD. "
Each edition is a collection of 12 DVD-ROM drive, embedded in a gift box.
The films are combined in thematic cycles represent an attempt to rethink the fatal and the dramatic events of Russian history of numerous documentary sources. The authors have put together a series of notable general facts to the public, as well as the previously unreported problems, archival materials, written testimony and his contemporaries. From this motley and heterogeneous, at first glance, the mosaic is an essential historical canvas that can be traced clearly the relationship between the individual events, personalities and popular historical myths.
In making the series of documentaries was attended by well-known historians, journalists, writers, analysts and military experts. In the film, addressed a wide range of viewers who are not indifferent to the fate of a country, used video footage and rare photos from chronicles the beginning of the 20th century. This is a wonderful gift for all who are interested in the history of our country, who are willing to depart from the conventional and look at the history of alternative point of view.
The authors are Debunking myths many conflicting stories about Russia! (Movie 1-28).
1 cycle. Russo-Japanese war.
In a series of "Russian-Japanese war, " the authors detail the role of the output of Emperor Nicholas II as a leading national and demystifying false history of his infirmity. " What is the Russia is ready for the inevitable war? Who paid for the Japanese war, and why the Russia needed a Port Arthur? defeated soldiers, who were not. That was the "author" the tragedy of Tsushima and whether it was possible to avoid it. " The answers to these questions and many others in the first cycle of films.
2. the first Russian Revolution.
The authors describe in detail the causes of the revolution, argues that the so-called "popular uprising" was perfectly planned, well prepared and paid for, and of course, there was no spontaneous explosion from directed against the leaders. Details of the so-called "Bloody Sunday. "the authors illustrate in detail the mechanism of provocations, organized by Western money to terrorists, us known as the" fighters for the people "on luck. "the most thorough way is inseparable links of the Japanese secret service with the Russian revolutionary organization. Describes the Suppression of the protiruských rebellion of 1905-1907. and what is the role played by the Emperor Nicholas II.
Three sessions. On the eve of World War II.
In movies, this series tells the political figure and Patriot "PA stolibine", "unprecedented growth" Russian Empire during the reign of Nicholas II. This explains why Emperor Nicholas, contrary to the opinion of historians, was right when he redirected its military cooperation with France against Germany. Conspiracy theory suggests that you should consider to split Europe into two camps in the conflict, and the third party. Who must be the destruction of the kingdoms of Europe? How complex the conspiracy hidden for bankers and German military adventurism? Numbers that flitid about the realities of the situation in the Balkans? The authors have revealed the most important events that occurred on the eve of World War II.
4 cycles. The first world war.
The first world war is one of the major military conflict in human history. Films in this series describe why Russia went to war without waiting for the mobilization, to talk about genocide of the Russian people in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You will learn the details of the battle of Tannenberg , the Galician battle, reasons for derogations in the great Russian army from the territory of Galicia, Lithuania, Poland, the role played by Gorlitsky breakthrough.
So far, penetrating brosilovski interested in many historians and people are keen on military history. Watch a movie on one of the largest army operations in the South West "front" in the first world war and you will learn the history of design, and methods of preparation, implementation and results.
And finally, you will learn how their own generals and State Duma of Russia stole hard and deserved the victory.
5 cycles. The February revolution.
The authors are debunking the myth of Rasputin as a man to gain control of the Royal family. Describes how Western countries has made every effort to bring down our country, about the revolutionary forces were carried out against the Emperor Nikolay II. The authors also debunking the myth of liberal and enlightened the provisional Government, and the "great reforms" by Kerensky. From the content, it is obvious that the Menshevik and Bolshevik Party were just puppets in the hands of the same owners. The authors argue convincingly that Lenin and Trotsky played no way first role in the preparation of the Bolsheviks uprising. According to the creators of the series was Kerensky and his men prepared the transfer of power to the future "bloody butcher" the Russian people.
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