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Section 8 Prejudice

Section 8 Prejudice

Genre: FPS;
Number of Players: 1
The presence of a network game: no
Web site: open
Release Dates
Europe: 04/20/2011
USA: 04/20/2011
TimeGate Studios
Europe: SouthPeak Interactive
U.S.: SouthPeak Interactive

About TimeGate Studios developer

TimeGate Studios - a small, independent team from Texas. In the first half of the 2000s, they were engaged in a series of Kohan , then do add-ons for FEAR

Section 8 for them - an attempt to launch its own series of shooters.

Magazine REVIEW«PC GAMES» 8.5

BRIEF STORY Section 8 Prejudice

Minor hit

Amazing stuff, really. In a world where every publisher is trying to somehow blows Call of Duty , a variety of shtampuya Bad Company: Medal of Homefront , no other copies superuspeshnuyu series - Halo . But, apparently, that might be easier: to draw the infantry in armor, spaceships, several distant planets. Write a militaristic plot and a few pompous orchestrations ... But wishing is not enough.

Bad artists copy. Good - steal

Yes, in the field of military science fiction nepahanoe shooters had run out of the Japanese Platinum Games, but their arcade Vanquish (released only on consoles) was so original that its hard to compare a series of Bungie .

If we look in the archives, we can see that from all the studios the world over the past few years, Halo was trying to copy just one small TimeGate.

Two years ago, they first attacked the "hippo", releasing a pompous Section 8 . There were some interesting ideas, but this attempt failed to be expected. The game is not attracted a large audience, and it was quickly forgotten about. Rested and gathered his strength, TimeGate has produced the second attack.

The studio spent on it for two years, and at first glance it seems strange to return. Prejudice is not much different from the original game - the same engine design, has an old picture, like the gameplay. TimeGate does not overwhelm the project did not start from scratch, but instead take the time to bring an old project to perfection. In Prejudice can be considered a remake of Section 8 without errors or bugs, polished, like the Ferrari at the exhibition. It turned out it?

Soaring bike. Fighting with him resemble the bullfight.
The bots are smart and accurate, but die like men.

Extreme repair laying on of hands.
Exoskeletons can fill each other bookend.
FPS as a First Person Strategy

In total there are four game modes. The first - the single player campaign, the collision of an elite squad «Section 8" with a gang of renegades «Arm of Orion». He entertains the steel armor and charismatic soldier, rollers, jingoistic militarism, and even planetary bombardments from space ships, but, in fact, is only an olive in a martini. From start to finish single Prejudice can be run at night, and it works like a bonus for online games. First of all, this multiplayer shooter.

The network has three modes: Swarm, Assault and Conquest. The first of them - the co-operative, a quartet of players must fight off the attacking army of bots.

Conquest - more and more popular. It is very similar to the eponymous regime in Battlefield : two teams battling for supremacy on the giant map where the scattered few key points, each of which is to capture and hold. Third, Assault, differs from it only by the fact that all the points from the beginning belong to one team and they can not recapture again. In each round of this regime by not reversed - the attackers only attack, the defenders, respectively, are protected.

The rhythm of the shootings and the balance of weapons Prejudice are very similar to the rhythm and balance of Halo . In the battles do not win are those who come to the enemy's flank or the back (of the soldiers is very strong armor, the enemy has time to turn around), and those who hold the longest jumping figure in the crosshairs. It turns out that the game can be to label " Halo rules on Battlefield "? Not really. All a bit complicated.

Upon closer examination in normal mode, there is another level. In addition to fighting for points, the game will occasionally throw up additional missions teams. For example, she may ask you to transport it on the map, or to steal intelligence from the enemy base. At such moments, the battle becomes angrier, but its focus has shifted to the key points somewhere in the center. Victory in two or three such missions can change the course of the match.

But the main feature of Prejudice in the fact that over the battlefield is always floating amphibious ships. They throw reinforcements (normal respawn is designed as a very beautiful scene of falling from great heights), and yet, at the request of soldiers, special equipment. It works a bit like in Counter-Strike , and a little bit, as in Homefront . Each of the successful actions of Marines raising money, which you can request a tank, jet motorcycle or three-meter exoskeleton. And buy guns: fall from the sky are three types of turrets - with the minigun, with pistols and anti-aircraft flak. The first will cover the point of the infantry, the latter - from technology and anti-aircraft guns will shoot down the falling soldier literally on the approach.

Guns can be placed anywhere. Each soldier can build there own line of defense and because of this Prejudice sometimes resembles the strategy of first-person.


The most interesting thing in the game - of course, its price niche. Shooter sold in electronic stores $ 15 per copy, is four times cheaper than the cost Halo: Reach or, for example, the original Section 8 . No other such surprisingly generous offer. Unfortunately, this also means that the game itself is small. Online, available only four levels (and their segments): a planet of lava, one of the hills, one - a winter and a desert oasis.

But this can be forgiven. Multiplayer Prejudice weighted, polished and pretty smart. It looks and plays like amateur night fantasy fiction thriller. Players dangle on the map to dzhetpakah, repairing holes in the defense, attack the heavy equipment. Talking to each other in microphones - here a wonderful sense of the elbow, as the best team in the movies. Yes, the game is small, but it's worth every penny. For $ 15 you sell one of the best multiplayer this year on the PC.
liji reviews, proud to be a member of Total Review Center since Sep 2011.
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