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Tom Clancy's HAWX 2

Tom Clancy's HAWX 2

Genre: Flight Action;
Number of Players: 1
The presence of a network game: there is
Web site: open
Release Dates
Russia: 19/01/2011
Europe: 11/30/2010
USA: 11/28/2010
USA: Tom Clancy's HAWX 2
Russia: "Russobit-M"
Europe: Ubisoft
USA: Ubisoft
Magazine review «PC GAMES» 7.0
brief story Tom Clancy's HAWX 2

In it's really hard to believe, but you can not deny the fact: HAWX was enough for one issue, to change the view of the genre of "console action games with the aircraft." And one extension to start a young episode to a standstill. Bravo, Ubisoft!

Just look at the first trailer of the new Ace Combat , to understand that the team saw a strong Project Aces rival in the first issue HAWX , and now in any case does not want to fall behind. One can argue long about that game is different, that the vision of developers can not come together - the Japanese are unlikely to ever learn to just copy the American style, and vice versa - and that was all over between them hold some parallels. In fact, the continuity is really well seen, nowhere on it does not get to, but even with such a rich collection of successful ideas should have a clear idea of where to go and what eventually would like to see. Apparently, the developers HAWX 2 guidelines were vague, because of what a wonderful, in fact, the action often shows something from him, no one expected.

In the sequel, a lot of unnecessary and somehow does not feel the obsessive fascination of modern military aircraft, either by the designers nor by the writers. In the sense that, although by all indications this is a console action game with the aircraft in which the laws of physics are neglected on purpose, and combat tasks are an incredible other, the first few hours of the player always asks, "What was that?" No, there is no drama in AC6 , but there is a plot in the spirit of all other games with a mark of Tom Clancy's in the title, but beyond that - individual characters in the same fictional universe. Well, say, during the execution of one of the operations will work closely with a group of Ghost Recon . And the sequel was a place tasks, obviously invented with an eye on some Modern Warfare . Rather than fly a plane, a hero with the help of different accessories and, of course, satellite, listens to conversations, notes any purpose, sometimes it all turns into a shooting range - shoot the helicopters required, throwing projectiles armor, let sink enemy ships. All this, of course, with night-vision mode on or interference, noise and the picture in the dark-green tones.

From enemy missiles, you can either escape or startle them. Illuminate the sky with bright flashes too often impossible. But opponents of the use of pyrotechnics, almost always.
It's funny, but we the people to make statements at the top right corner of the screen, it never coincides with the animation of lips. Never.

In some missions, fly do not need. Other battles in the air here is interrupted by a bombing.
Probably, these additions are needed in order to make a no, and diversity. With the same purpose narrative constantly jumps from one character to another and causes involved in sometimes illogical and poorly described operations. But the problem is just not the case, because everything will have already used to the fact that the most memorable missions - those in which the pilot manages to shoot down ten enemy planes and helicopters, to undermine as many trucks to refuel in the air, landing on an aircraft carrier to immediately after - suddenly the alarm! - Back up into the sky and catch up on fear of the enemy. Just in spite of all this diversity, to the last moment you can not tie it all together, and history of head resemble a set of somehow fastened together ideas that could just as easily could and could not be linked to the plot - still understand only one who will closely monitor developments and to read all the background information. And here and without it can be fun. However, on the infamous tradition, becomes significantly more interesting until the second half of the game when opponents for no reason at all are truly talented pilots, but this is quite simple to pick up an excuse: the first ten missions - training, berries are always left on later. And that player is not bored, he's a sudden jump in the level of complexity, cheat enemies with an endless supply of rockets and seems to divine protection, absorbing some of the damage and forcing the aircraft to fly twice as fast as expected. So it was in the first issue, so it is no surprise that the developers decided to at least keep it set the course.

Interest directly to the aircraft wakes up much later, after passing the story mode and multiple futile attempts to understand, for what this or that convention. Single mission and multiplayer where each player himself, Tom Clancy, and no one imposes a given scenario, can look at HAWX 2 on the other side. Yes, there is no realism is not in sight, and yes - sometimes happens on the screen will look like Counter-Strike in the air at a rate characteristic of a representative racing series such as Ridge Racer . So what? The main thing is that there are three dozen class aircraft, which in fact have the essential difference (in control, maneuverability), and give a totally different experience. Therefore, even when it ends "additional content" is always possible to reach the same Marketplace and buy, such as aircraft during the Cold War. It really changes the rules to open access to new tactics, and that even then we can talk about diversity. Because it will be evaluated precisely by the gameplay, not on the list of highly controversial ideas, with persistence worthy of a better cause, crammed into the campaign.

On the other hand, if the awkwardness single-user mode only drawback was the sequel, it would hardly have served as a major cause lower estimate. But continuing in a bad way: with the game design issues and is the technical side. For example, regularly putting out a system of calculation of collisions, because of which every second attempt to fly up under the bridge turns into a disaster. Or graphics, which at one moment may seem fine in the other - just average, which is the case, and model airplanes, and some weather effects, and locations themselves. In general, everywhere you look - everywhere you can find unpleasant roughness. The only question is whether we should specifically look for them, or you can do without it. In the end, no one promised revolution - all waiting for just an interesting continuation. Its got.
liji reviews, proud to be a member of Total Review Center since Sep 2011.
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Tom Clancy's HAWX 2

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment

You have the unique opportunity to try himself as a pilot of ultra-secret unit H.A.W.X 2, consisting of only the elite pilots. Lightning-fast reflexes, the most modern technology and modern aircraft, which denies the existence of Government-everything you need on the way to total domination in the sky!
Learn everything and a little more on air combat – the only chance of success. You will take part in military operations more complex and dynamic. To enter enemy territory without being detected and a blow overwhelming to leave the combat zone, or take with the enemy in open battle and advanced aircraft to carry combat-HAWX 2 is full of diverse and exciting jobs.
The performance is only possible, if any, incredible professionalism and an incredible accuracy of flying. And Show these qualities, because you can-pilot HAWX 2-best in the history of the wars of the air force units in heaven!
Destroy the enemies using the latest technology
Use slot 32 aircraft with authentic models. You will have a great selection-the legendary F-35 to a variety of ground attack aircraft, unmanned aircraft and bombers. Will help you the most perfect system of control over your machine-thrust vector control and SDR (Augmented Reality).
Fight in air like never before
Get off the enemy in a fierce short range battle
Takeoff and land aircraft carriers and land bases
Destroy your opponent's objectives for bombers [a] raids night
Define your goals and Likviduruyte with unmanned aerial vehicles
Using an air tank directly at the do

Facing the future of war
Not a war does not bored. Like to enjoy the most, was sitting in the cockpit and counted all of the branch of a third party can be incredible moments with the fights.
Be a character in the most difficult cases
Impressive player campaign that will take part in operations around the world
Your custom system provides a number of improvements to get the amount of points earned by purchasing.
Co-op mode, which at 2 to 4 persons, can participate in many evenings will you and your friends to show wonders of team interaction.
In the network. War memorials are closer to the leaders who will identify the 8 signs with the best fighter in two exciting modes.
For beginners and Veterans of the air combat has two interesting rezhima.VO free flight time you will be able to hone their skills of management fighting machines, and during the regime to survive, learn to fight against overwhelming odds and win!

Compatible systems: Windows
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