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Top 50 proverbs with meanings

1. To wipe one's backside on the door Obstinacy overcomes everything
2. Everything, however finely spun, finally comes to the sun To be a religious hypocrite
3. There is more in it than an empty herring To be two-faced and to stir up trouble
4. To marry under the broomstick To try to achieve the impossible
5. To see bears dancing[3] Balance is paramount
6. To lead each other by the nose Negligence will be rewarded with disaster
7. If I am not meant to be their keeper, I will let geese be geese To carry out a dangerous or impractical plan
8. To fry the whole herring for the sake of the roe To be heavily armed
9. To always gnaw on a single bone To be angry
10. Fools get the best cards One has all the advantages, the other none
11. To look for the hatchet Do not press your advantage too far
12. To get the lid on the head It's not going according to plan
13. To fall through the basket To do too much to achieve a little
14. Who knows why geese go barefoot? To end up taking responsibility
15. The pitcher goes to the water until it finally breaks You must accept responsibility for your own actions
16. There is no turning the spit with him There is more to it than meets the eye
17. To sit between two stools in the ashes There is no point in trying to change the unchangeable
18. If the blind lead the blind both will fall in the ditch To arrive too late for dinner and find all the food has been eaten
19. It depends on the fall of the cards To be indecisive
20. To hold an eel by the tail To count one's chickens before they hatch
21. To cast roses before swine They are liable to cheat you there
22. To gaze at the stork To continually talk about the same subject
23. It hangs like a privy over a ditch It is up to chance
24. To throw one's cowl over the fence Everything is the opposite of what it should be
25. The Fox and the Stork dine together Always have something in reserve
26. The world is turned upside down To despise everything
27. To hang one's cloak according to the wind To fool each other
28. Watch out that a black dog does not come in between The decision is made
29. To hold a candle to the Devil Luck can overcome intelligence
30. To have the world spinning on one's thumb To turn a blind eye
31. Anybody can see through an oak plank if there is a hole in it To issue a challenge
32. He who eats fire, craps sparks To wait in vain
33. To crap on the gallows To have fun while the master is away
34. To pull to get the longest end To live together without marrying
35. To catch fish without a net To be very wealthy
36. Fear makes the old woman trot To be unintelligent
37. To shoot a second bolt to find the first Old things need more maintenance
38. To be pissing against the moon There could be eavesdroppers (The walls have ears)
39. To be a hen feeler To be a malingerer
40. To tie a flaxen beard to the face of Christ To waste one's time on a futile endeavour
41. Two dogs over one bone seldom agree It is the opposite of what it should be
42. To fill the well after the calf has already drowned To repeat a foolish action
43. He who has spilt his porridge cannot scrape it all up again To trick somebody
44. A hatchet with a handle Stupidity loves company
45. One winds on the distaff what the other spins It cannot be concealed
46. To even be able to tie the devil to a pillow To attract attention to one's shameful acts
47. Shear them but do not skin them Disaster ensues from carelessness
48. To have the roof tiled with tarts If one person gains then another must lose
49. Where the corn decreases the pig increases To be in great distress
50. It is ill to swim against the stream Do not be surprised at the outcome if you attempt a dangerous venture
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